Engines of War

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The Engines of War is a mission in Vermintide.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Lead a raid into a Skaven war-camp hidden in the Reikland Forest and destroy their engines of war (Three Skaven Doomwheels) before falling-back to a riverside village to escape via boat.

Tomes and Grimoires[edit | edit source]

Grimoires[edit | edit source]

First Grimoire[edit | edit source]

In the cave stay to the left and head outside. Climb the top of the outer cavern exit/entrance.

Second Grimoire[edit | edit source]

Tomes[edit | edit source]

First Tome[edit | edit source]

Once you exit the cave and cross the rope bridge, go left. The first tome is behind some trees near the ledge, within a mushroom circle.

Second Tome[edit | edit source]

In the broken down temple, go near the tree stump and follow that little path in the temple beside it.

Third Tome[edit | edit source]

Right before the town at the very end. Go the opposite way and you'll find it near the map border.