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Players have health points which is a vital resource in ensuring success in the various missions of Vermintide.

Summary[edit | edit source]


Players begin any mission with a full bar of health at 100%. From there, they can receive damage from the various dangerous elements in the different stages, resulting in a decrease in their health. Should a player's health ever reach 0% or below, they will enter a fallen state, where they are vulnerable to death.

States of Health[edit | edit source]

Throughout the game, players will encounter various states of health. The states currently known are:

  • Fallen
  • Death
  • Dire Injuries

Fallen[edit | edit source]

Players who are incapacitated through damage reducing their health to 0% or below will be forcibly thrown into the fallen state. Team members are able to bring players back from a fallen state by holding the 'E' key, or whichever key is bound to the Interaction action, while they stand near their fallen team member.

During this state, the player's health bar indicator will now show a full red bar that slowly decreases. This represents the time a player has left, or their remaining lifeblood. As a Player spends time in the fallen state, they are vulnerable to further attacks, which will decrease their remaining pool of lifeblood even faster. Once a player's lifeblood reaches 0% or below, they will have entered death.

There's also another way to enter the fallen state without losing all your health, and that is by going off the edge on specific danger zones. This action will trigger the fallen state and will have your character dangling off the side of the danger zone where your team members can still reach you. However, should you fly too far out into the danger zone for any reason, you will immediately be put into the death state and lose your chance at recovering soon.

Death[edit | edit source]

Players in the fallen state who lose all lifeblood will enter a state of death, leaving their bodies behind to enter a spectator-like view of their team members for the time being. After a certain amount of time has passed, which can be different depending on traits of items equipped, the player will now re spawn on the map as a captured player. Team members of captured players can seek to free them through the same method of holding the 'E' key or whichever key is bound to the Interaction action while standing near their captured team member.

As mentioned earlier, losing all your lifeblood is not the only way to enter the death state. Falling too far into a danger zone can also induce death.

Dire Injuries[edit | edit source]

Should a player be revived while they are in a fallen state through the aforementioned player interaction, their health indicators will now show a grey bar instead of the usual green/yellow/red. This indicates that the player is currently in a state of dire injuries, which translates to their health, now displayed as grey, to slowly drop as time goes by (This damage cannot, however, kill the player outright. The killing blow must be struck by another source). The only way to cure dire injuries and get back to normal is through Healing. A player in a state of dire injuries that has his health bar reduced to 0% will die instead of being fallen (except on easy, normal and hard difficulties, then you can be revived once).

Healing[edit | edit source]

There are various ways a player can recover health, but the most popular method is through the use of Medical Consumable Items. The 2 kinds of consumable health recovery items you will find throughout the level are the Medical Supply and the Healing Drought. Both recover health, but their benefit varies depending on your team's current situation.

Medical Supplies can be applied to either the person holding it, or a team member through the holding of the Alternate Fire button, the default button of which is the Right Mouse Button. It also recovers a larger amount the lower the current health of the player it is being applied to.

Healing Droughts can only be consumed by the person holding it, and recovers a fixed amount of health regardless of the current state of the player's health.

Knowing when to use which depends on your situational analysis of yourself and your team members and can influence the success of your missions greatly.

Other than these Medical Consumable Items, the other way to recover health is through Weapon Traits. Certain Weapon Traits allow you to recover health by fulfilling certain conditions like killing enemies or using a normal attack. An example of such a trait is : "When killing an enemy, you have a 10% chance of recovering 10% health". These will not work to release you from the dire injuries state but can still increase your chance of survival greatly.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Use Medical Consumable Items wisely to lengthen survival.
  • Understand your traits and how to trigger them. Recovery traits increase chances of survival greatly.
  • Reviving team members is always a top priority, but make sure that you will have enough time to do so, as you are still vulnerable to damage while you're reviving your team member. Should your team member be attacked during revival, the interaction will have to start over as well, wasting valuable time and leaving you vulnerable awhile longer.
  • It is also possible to block incoming attacks with your current melee weapon while reviving your teammate, simply hold block before starting to revive someone (must equip melee first, the trick is not going to work with ranged weapons, obviously)