The White Rat

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The White Rat
Mission Type:
Side Mission
Ubersreik Act 3
The White Rat
Spoiler icon.jpg This article or section may contain spoilers about the games ending. You might want to avoid reading further if you don't want to spoil the surprise for yourself!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The White Rat is the final mission of the 3rd act of the base game. The heroes descend below ground where they encounter the grey seer leading the invasion. He has a protective barrier around him and cannot be killed with ranged weapons nor bombs. The heroes have to clear a large room filled with alchemist equipment and cut the cinch holding the door closed. They then must bring three barrels of gunpowder to the tower the White Rat is standing on to weaken its foundation. Finally, the party ascends to the level above and cuts the chains holding the tower in place. Once done, the tower and White Rat fall into oblivion ending the mission.

Tomes and Grimoires[edit | edit source]

This mission contains only one Grimoire and no tomes.

Grimoires[edit | edit source]

The first and only Grimoire of this mission is located at the very beginning. Instead of going down the stairs in the ruins, go around the broken down wall and make 2 jumps to cross into the destroyed homes; the grimoire is at the second floor.