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The Tomes are a collectible item in Vermintide.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Tomes can be found during missions that boost the quality of dice used when rolling for loot at the end of that mission. If players complete a mission while carrying a tome in their item slot, all players have one of their loot die boosted in quality (the die will have 4 "success" faces instead of the normal 2). Tomes are usually hidden in out of the way places and require exploration to find, however, tomes and Grimoires always spawn in the same location in each map. The Tomes are found in set locations within the main missions of the campaign, usually there are three. Holding a Tome takes the place of healing inventory slot, but rewards the player with a Tome die upon completion. Each die earned provides a 66% chance of increasing your loot item tier upon completion of the level.

  • Tomes (and Grimoires) can only be found on the main missions (denoted by a gold border on the mission map).
    • Each mission has 3 Tomes and 2 Grimoires. The effects of multiple Tomes and Grimoires stack, increasing the quality of an additional dice.
  • Take up the healing item slot when carried.
    • Can be dropped by exchanging them for a healing item on the ground.
  • Can be used to block and push when wielded (equip them using the same button for taking out a healing item)
  • Unlike Grimoire, which reduce each party member's max health, tomes do not have any negative effects outside of taking up the healing item slot while carried.
  • A player may exchange a Tome they have collected for a healing item, just don't forget to pick up the Tome again after you heal.