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Summary[edit | edit source]

The Forge is a workstation in the Red Moon Inn allowing players to perform certain operations concerning their Weaponry.

Fuse[edit | edit source]

Fusing weapons together (click to enlarge)

The Fuse tab allows players to fuse their low tier weapons into one of higher rarity. Up to five weapons can be used for a single fusing operation. Each unused slot has to be paid with shards of the same rarity instead. Shard cost is not linear and can be checked on the following chart:

Token rarity 1 2 3 4
Common 200 120 60 20
Uncommon 250 150 75 25
Rare 300 180 90 30

The created item is determined by which lower tier weapons were fused. Each fused weapon has the same chance of being the same type as the end product. Chances to get a certain Weapon type are added together if multiple weapons of the same type are fused.

For example:

  • 5 weapons are fused together: Each weapon has a 20% chance to define the higher rarity weapon.
  • 3 weapons are fused together: Each weapon has a 33.33% chance to define the higher rarity weapon.
  • 3 Witch Hunter Axes and 2 Dwarf Axes are fused together: 60% chance to receive a Witch hunter Axe and 40% chance for a dwarf one.

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

The Heroes can unlock their Weapon Traits on this tab. Each weapon has a different number of possible traits according to the rarity of the weapon. Common weapons have 1, Rare weapons have 2, Exotic and Veteran weapons have 3. Upgrade tokens must be used to unlock each trait. For each successive trait that is unlocked, the cost of the next trait goes up. With certain traits you will see a "10-20% chance", this percent will be rolled randomly between those two values once upgraded, and can then be further improved at the shrine's Invocate tab.

Upgrading weapons (click to enlarge)

Salvage[edit | edit source]

You can reduce items into Tokens by melting them down in the Salvage Tab. Items will generate a certain number of Tokens once salvaged. The process does not finalize until after the bar has filled with fire and you see the token amount displayed. Switching tabs, or exiting the forge will cancel the Salvage process.

Salvaging weapons (click to enlarge)