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Redeemer is a veteran head gear for the Witch Hunter.

Description[edit | edit source]

Some time ago, whilst investigating vampiric influence in the isolated village of Staghof, Victor Saltzpyre became embroiled in a veritable carnival of treachery. A vampire indeed held sway over Staghof, with the burgomeister his seemingly-willing accomplice - seemingly, because the greedy wretch was also engaged in a warpstone trade with the loathsome Skaven. Victor's nose for secrets led him into this nest of liars and after a thorough investigation, he arrived at the mine from where the evil spawned. Victor walked in with two seeing eyes, and his mind mainly on traditional heresies like witches, chaos and undead, and exited days later, barely alive, missing an eye, and with a voracious interest in rat-men. To this day, no one but Victor knows what happened in that forsaken mine, but whatever it was, it shook his foundations to the core.