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Verified information

- Krench's shield reduces ranged damage done to him by half and ignores the strength potion buff (according to Grimadalak).

- Getting into melee range of Krench during his summoning phase causes him to use his spin attack to knock anyone close to him away.

- Bombs (not firebombs) knock Krench onto the floor for a few seconds.

- Damage to Krench counts as boss damage, but damage to ogre also counts as boss damage as well.

- No specials are summoned/spawned while in the arena with Krench.

Unverified information

- Krench's moveset is affected by damage taken. If he takes too much damage, it triggers him to activate his shield and summon re-enforcements. He will complete any attack he was doing before he puts his shield up and retreat to summon.

- Krench attacks faster on Cata difficulty as compared to Nightmare

- Krench seems to have 3 phases:

 - Melee phase: Krench focuses on melee strikes and jumping attacks. This stops as his health drops below a certain level (30%?)
 - Summon phase: Krench retreats after taking significant damage, gaining a shield that reduces damage done by half and summons slave/clan rats and SV to attack the players for x seconds.
 - Charge/strike phase: Krench alternates between charging in a straight line and doing a long ranged warp strike to hit the players.

- Bombing Krench greatly postpones his shield and summon phase. Hitting him with a bomb seems to allow the players to skip his shield/summon phase until he does a spinning attack (with the glow). 20:15, 14 May 2017 (UTC) dieaready