The Pale Queen

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The Pale Queen is a veteran head gear for the Waywatcher.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ereth Khial, the Pale Queen, is the supreme Goddess of the elven underworld. Up until the Coming of Chaos, it was she who harvested the souls of all dead elves. All changed with the rise of Slaneesh, the Dark Prince, who covets Elven souls above all others, and for millenia, it is he who has been feeding on the essence of the elven dead. The elves employ various methods to avoid being devoured by the Chaos god upon death, and one option is to pay homage to the Pale Queen. She has far from given up the fight, and sometimes manages to steal away souls from the insatiable Slaneesh. Showing proper respect to the Pale Queen might call her into acton, and this save your soul from the clutches of chaos.

The Pale Queen