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The Waylaid is a mission in Vermintide.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Waylaid is a mission introduced into Vermintide before the release of Vermintide 2 as a finale to the story in Ubersreik. The heroes are attacked by Skaven in the Red Moon Inn itself, and must defend against hordes of Skaven and a Rat Ogre. After defeating the Skaven, the heroes descend into the inn's basement, and then the sewers below the inn. They carve a path through the sewers before they reach a large Skaven device being operated by the Grey Seer defeated in the previous mission of the base game, The White Rat. The heroes are actually defeated, and in somewhat of a cut scene, are dropped through the Skaven portal, with the story to be continued in Vermintide 2.

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Tomes[edit | edit source]

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Map[edit | edit source]

Ubersreik Act 1 The Horn of Magnus •  Smugglers Run  •  Supply and Demand  •  Black Powder  •  The Wizards Tower
Act 2 Engines of War  •  Man the Ramparts  •  Garden of Morr  •  Wheat and Chaff
Act 3 Waterfront  •  Well Watch  •  The Enemy Below  •  The White Rat
Last Stand The Fall  •  Town Meeting
DLC Missions Drachenfels Castle Drachenfels  •  The Dungeons  •  Summoner's Peak
Karak Azgaraz Khazid Kro  •  The Cursed Rune  •  Chain of Fire
Stromdorf The Courier  •  Reaching Out
Death on the Reik Reikwald Forrest  •  River Reik
Arrogance Lost Trial of the Foolhardy
Finale Waylaid