Zaladrin Ghalklad

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Zaladrin Ghalklad is a DLC head gear for the Dwarf Ranger.

Description[edit | edit source]

A helmet of impeccable craftsmanship, named in remembrance of King Zaladrin of Karak Azgaraz. The father of Thuringar Orc-hewer, the current king of Karak Azgaraz, Zaladrin fell victim to goblin assassins after leading his throng to a glorious victory against the Bleeding Moon tribe at the Battle of High Mere. Karak Azgaraz is located south of Ubersreik, and shares much common history with the imperial town. In 1707, the throng of Karak Azgaraz defended Ubersreik against the orcs of the Ironclaw tribe, but were forced to retreat. During the Great War Against Chaos, King Zaladrin marched all the way to Kislev to aid Magnus the Pious, and could therefore not spare any warriors for Ubersreik when the town was once again under attack from the greenskins. In recompense, Zaladrin sent his finest craftsmen to rebuild Ubersreik's walls and construct the bridge over the river Teufel.

Zaladrin Ghalklad