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Version 1.10

“I’ve been robbed! Can’t trust anyone around here”



Tonight we are pleased to present the latest DLC for Vermintide - Death on the Reik!

The unthinkable has happened! One of the Inn Keeper’s men has stolen some of his dangerous books and run off, with the Skaven in hot pursuit. It’s up to our heroes to find and burn the threatening articles before they fall into enemy hands.

Pursue the thief through the Reikwald Forest, fighting off the Skaven that are in hot pursuit of him. Then proceed along the the River Reik as you attempt to catch up to the barge Dawnrunner, capture the thief and destroy the books before it’s too late.

In this DLC you will also get the Ceremonial Dagger for Sienna Fuegonasus, a fiery blade that allows her to ignite her foes with.


Available now: The unthinkable has happened!

New Features

  • Two NEW adventure maps - Reikwald Forest and River Reik
  • One new weapon available to roll for in Ranald's Bones for the Bright Wizard: Sienna Fuegonasus
  • All new DLC achievements

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Cursed Rune: Corrected a location where items spawned partially embedded in map decoration
  • Cursed Rune: Fixed location where the player character could hang from a ledge out of reach from team mates
  • Cursed Rune: Fixed a small hole in the geometry seen after the finale
  • Cursed Rune: Fixed location early in the level where rats climb out of solid ground.
  • The Enemy Below: Fixed a small hole in the geometry, above the first grimoire location
  • Engines of War: Removed collision from a section of the cave prior to the Skaven encampment that should not have had collision
  • Engines of War: Fixed spot by the second grimoire where Skaven appeared through walls
  • Garden of Morr: Fixed floating tree at the entrance of the cemetary
  • Garden of Morr: Fixed uneven geometry on a tomb steps when looking for the source of the poison
  • Garden of Morr: Fixed a small hole in the geometry right beside the huge intentional hole as you begin the escape event
  • Supply and Demand: Fixed small hole in the geometry
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Players should no longer be insta-stomped by a special when traversing the portals.
  • White Rat: Improved network sync of the bell strikes. Hosts and clients should see the visuals more or less at the same time now.
  • Wizard's Tower: Removed a jump that allowed you to meddle with the bridge illusion
  • Fixed a couple of cases where enemies (mainly the Gutter Runner) would die when staggered whilst mid-air
  • Fixed a case of Gutter Runners killing themselves by launching in to walls
  • Fixed a case where enemies (Rat Ogre in particular) could phase through the geometry when staggered
  • Fixed so that blood no longer fades instantly when spectating
  • Fixed case where enemies falling out of the world would not give progress to contracts.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur if client disconnected while being pulled up or while pulling up from ledge
  • Completely overhauled bot jump code to reduce the number of failed jumps resulting in bots needing to be pulled up from ledge
  • Fixed an issue that could cause bots from getting stuck in a loop of instantly falling off the ledge after getting helped up
  • Fixed issue causing environmental effects on snow levels to not work on bot characters for clients
  • Fixed animation bug making the made Kerillian play third person crouch animations after wielding a glaive while aiming a bow
  • Fixed so that when hot-joining a match, you'll no longer be prompted to interact with nearby 'single use' environment objectives that have already been used (think levers, switches, etc)
  • Fixed some cases where enemy path-finding would fail
  • Fixed it so that the it no longer shows "left button **" for unbound keys in the keybinding options menu
  • Fixed Gutter Runner destroying doors from too far away.
  • Made some improvements to Gutter Runner pathing when there are no available targets


  • Haste: Changed, now causes reloads not to consume ammo for the duration instead of shots not consuming ammo.
  • Quick Foot: Reduced movement speed bonus from 4/8/12% to 4/6/8%
  • Grenadier: Reduced proc chance from 20/30/40% to 20/25/30%
  • Hawkeye: Reduced multiplier bonus from +2 to +1
  • Explosive Ordinance: Reduced radius decrease from 40/50/60% to 20/30/40%
  • Berserking: Attacks are now uninterruptible for buff duration
  • Killing Blow: Now requires the attack to deal damage to the target to trigger
  • Trueflight Bow: Reduced max ammo count from 24 to 20
  • Trueflight Bow: Reduced headshot multiplier from 4 to 3
  • Longbow: Increased exotic charged shot damage versus unarmored from 8 to 10
  • Longbow: Reduced ammo count from 54 to 46
  • Longbow: Reduced max penetrations from 3 to 2
  • Longbow: Increased max penetrations of light shot from 1 to 2
  • Shortbow: Increased max penetrations of charged shot from 1 to 2
  • Dual Wield Daggers: Increased exotic unarmored damage from 3 to 3.5
  • Dual Wield Daggers: Added 2.5x Headshot multiplier to heavy attack
  • Pick: Increased attack range of light attack and heavy attacks
  • Pick: Increased attack speed of light attacks slightly
  • Pick: Reduced charge time needed to trigger super heavy charge attack
  • 2h Axe: Increased attack speed of light attacks
  • 2h Axe: Increased attack range of light and heavy attacks
  • 2h Hammer: Increased attack range of light attacks
  • 2h Sword: Increased attack range of light and heavy attacks
  • Glaive: Increased attack range of heavy attacks
  • Handgun: Reduced reload speed from 2.5 to 2 seconds
  • Handgun: Increased damage versus resistant to 26/31/36
  • Flaming Sword: Increased light stab dot damage
  • Flaming Sword: Increased heavy attack dot damage
  • Falchion: Slightly reduced attack speed
  • Falchion: Reduced attack range by 20%
  • Ratling Gunner: Increased health to match Stormvermin
  • Ratling Gunner: Increased stagger resistance while firing gun


Version 1.9.11


Good morning/afternoon/evening!

It's Friday (at least it is in Sweden at the time of writing) and what better time for some stability fixes for your favourite rat murdering simulator.

Also, Bar Brawl has been Enabled - to celebrate the unveiling of Vermintide 2, which you can wishlist right here:


  • Fixed crash when multiple players were interacting with the skull on "The Dungeons" simultaneously.
  • Fixed crash caused by VOIP

Have a superb weekend!

Version 1.9.10


You guessed it!

Fixed so hawkeye headshot bonus is additive, instead of multiplicative (works for clients as well)

Version 1.9.9


This is a short one, but important we got it out to you as soon as possible.

Castle Drachenfels - Fixed the crash that prevented players from starting the level.

Thanks for your patience.

Version 1.9.8


Perhaps it's lunch where you are. Maybe it's breakfast. Who knows - you might be asleep? Depends, really.

For Vermintide though we know one thing, it's time for patch 1.9.8.

Below covers the changes in this patch, but we wanted to throw a spotlight on one in particular. We have finally been able to go live with a change which allows you to see the recently played with heroes in the Recent Games feature in Steam!

Feature updates

  • Recently played with Vermintide players now appear in the Recent Games list in Steam 👌
  • The Red Moon Inn is no longer skullified ⛔💀

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed some situations where ears clip through headgear 👂🎩
  • Fixed inconsistency in dual daggers light attack damage progression
  • Fixed a case where Stormvermin Patrols could get stuck opening doors, which in turn could lead to client disconnect 🐀🚪🔗
  • Fixed a popup crash that could occur when joining friends
  • Very slight CPU optimisations
  • Hawk Eye Trait - Fixed headshot multiplier that wasn't being applied correctly for clients
  • Castle Drachenfels - Fixed some locations where bots and/or players could get stuck
  • Castle Drachenfels - Fixed a hole in the geometry 🕳
  • The Courier - Fixed floating terrain
  • The Fall - Fixed hole in the geometry ️⛳
  • Garden of Morr - Fixed exploit which allowed players to skip a large part of the level
  • Horn of Magnus - Fixed culling issue in spectator mode
  • Kazid Kro - Fixed some holes in geometry 🍩
  • Kazid Kro - Fixed floating icon for Olesya's carriage 🐎👻️🛒
  • Kazid Kro - Fixed culling issues
  • Kazid Kro - Fixed some floating scenery
  • Kazid Kro - Fixed texture clash on a wall seen after the Brewery event
  • Red Moon Inn - Fixed a candle in Sienna's room which behaved unusually 🕯
  • Summoner's Peak - Fixed some locations where bots and/or players could get stuck
  • Trial of the Foolhardy - Bots should now correctly follow players in to the ice room 🏃🚶🚶🚶
  • Trial of the Foolhardy - Removed incorrect objective marker from the ice room
  • Trial of the Foolhardy - Skaven should no longer climb up through solid floors inside the portal room 👻🐀
  • Trial of the Foolhardy - Fixed hole in the geometry 🕳
  • Wheat & Chaff - Fixed flickering of textures due to maligned placement of an object
  • White Rat - Fixed some situations where it was possible to leave the level boundaries and exploit level behaviours
  • Wizard's Tower - Fixed a hole in the geometry 🍩
  • Wizard's Tower - Fixed situation where a player could hot-join the game and appear in an inescapable room 📦

Version 1.9.7


Quick heads-up! We just dropped 1.9.7 which includes a smattering of fixes for Vermintide. Notes below!


  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed another location where players can get stuck beneath a portal
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed two cases of stuck Skaven, causing further Skaven to not spawn
  • The Courier: Fixed exploit to skip a portion of the level
  • The Courier: Fixed incorrect objective markers
  • The Courier: Fixed ledge hanging glitch near the canyon
  • Reaching Out: Fixed "Krench" achievement
  • Reaching Out: Fixed the house that enemies could not enter. You know the one
  • Fixed bug where one could host non-owned last stand dlc levels using the random option
  • Fixed some situations where lore pages dropped by the Sack Rat had an their interaction point some distance from the page itself

Version 1.9.6


A quick one today! Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed issues with multiple teleporters in the teleport room that caused you to flip 180 degrees, causing disorientation and confusion.

Version 1.9.5


Happy Monday! Today we bring you patch 1.9.5 - bringing additional fixes specifically targetting the Trial of the Foolhardy.

We're continuing to work on improvements as well as exciting new content, but without delay - the patch notes for today's release are below!

  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed further crashes caused by player use of portals
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed glitching Rat Ogre caused by kiting him out from the snow room
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed objective marker that persisted after collecting 3/3 keys and opening the chest in the middle of the room
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed further issues caused by repeated portal jockeying
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: It's no longer possible to enter the portal on the bookshelf without standing on the bookshelf in the portal room

Version 1.9.4


It's been a busy week and the feedback innumerable. Today we put live the latest update for Vermintide, including some fixes and further balance tuning.


  • Fixed crash caused by attempting to join players on another game version
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed some culling issues


  • Reduced movement speed from Swift Slaying proc from 100% to 50%
  • Reduced healing received from ranged regrowth from 10 to 5
  • Reduced healing received from light melee regrowth from 10 to 5. Charged regrowth unchanged
  • Reduced ammunition restore from Scavenger from 10 to 5% of max ammunition
  • Reduced poison wind protection trinket from 40/60/80% to 20/40/60%

Version 1.9.3


This is a short one, but important we got it out to you as soon as possible.

Fixed a crash that can occur should Skaven be found leaping inconceivable distances on Trial of the Foolhardy

Thanks for your patience.

Version 1.9.2


Thanks for all your feedback and reports this week. We're releasing patch 1.9.2 for Vermintide which fixes some of the most common issues faced since the breaching of the Trial (as well as some new issues introduced in 1.9).

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Objective marker no longer shows on the torch once the event is complete
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed a variety of issues with players using portals
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Resolved high CPU load caused by AI in certain situations
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Entering a portal while in the middle of a jump will no longer kill you via fall damage if the exit portal is below the entry one
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: The torch from the town event will no longer spawn next to you when back in Wizard's Tower
  • Trial of the Foolhardy: Fixed an area where players could get stuck
  • Wizard's Tower: Fixed an issue causing players to see outside the tower in the statue room during the Trial puzzle
  • Players should no longer be affected by VFX or SFX from the bots, such as aim effect or block sounds
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to friend join your own game through another friend
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to join friends with a different version of the game through the Steam overlay
  • Fixed a crashed caused by torches and hot-joining players


It is no longer possible to win duplicate Veteran Weapons from Ranald's Bones

Known Issue:

A crash can occur should Skaven be found leaping inconceivable distances by thinking with portals. A fix is under way for this.

Version 1.9.1


We've just release a hotfix patch for Arrogance Lost, the latest update to Vermintide.

Please find the latest notes below.

  • Fix for 'Pierce the Veil' achievement being granted before the puzzle has been completed fully (you're not quite there yet, heroes)
  • It's no longer possible to access the Trial of the Foolhardy through Random mission selection in the Red Moon Inn
  • Players who had unlocked Trial of the Foolhardy through irregular means can no longer launch the mission from the mission board until it has been unlocked through the puzzle.
  • Various missing localization has been updated

Players who earned the achievement prior to the update will still have it (we can't undo the past!) but the puzzle remains for you to complete in order to access the Trial. Good luck!

Version 1.9


Welcome to patch 1.9 for Vermintide -- Free DLC Arrogance Lost is live now and ready to add a little more challenge to your already tough existence in Ubersreik!

We've also fixed a bunch stuff in patch 1.9 - all of which is outlined below.

As per popular request, we're pleased to also roll our our latest balance changes - we've been looking at Traits and Trinkets in particular. We've looked at our own data, as well as your continued and hugely appreciated feedback and discussions and hope to have made some changes to the Trinks and Traits that we think will make for some interesting choices. Let us know what you think!

It wouldn't be DLC without something.. meatier! Thing is, that's on you to find. Good luck!

Enough waffle, over to the notes.


  • S͞hiny ne͠w, inc̵r̛e͜dibly punishing achievement̢́s added to le͝vel̨s you know and love
  • All red weapons now have a 2nd set of traits that the players can access via the shrine
  • Fixes and Tweaks:
  • Fixed so that client third person weapons are not shown when waiting for rescue ⚔
  • Selecting 'Random' missions no longer places you in DLC levels you yourself do not own
  • Fix a crash when joining a friend who is joining you 👥
  • Fixed a sync issue with the tomb door found on Garden of Morr and the Courier caused when hot-joining a game ⛓
  • Fixed scavenger proc on ranged weapons returning ammo on hit instead of kill. Tooltip is now correct
  • Added proc sound for traits 🔊
  • Fixed crash on clients caused by a host Elf flinging Trueflight Arrows.... silly Mayflies ️🏹
  • Fixed cases where VFX from the fireball staff becomes distorted and clips the Bright Wizard's hand after pressing charged attack and inspect weapons simultaneously
  • The conflagration AoE indicator texture no longer affects objects below the point of projection
  • The strange comets above Stromdorf have been... removed 🚫☄️

Balance: Traits

  • Berserking - Damage taken reduced for duration of the effect by 50%
  • Channeling Rune - Increases vent speed
  • Earthing Rune (Charged Attack) - Increased vent amount slightly
  • Earthing Rune (Normal Attack) - Increased vent amount slightly
  • Endurance - Restores all stamina when effect triggers
  • Haste - Ammunition is not consumed for a short duration after the effect triggers
  • Hawk Eye - Adds 2 to your current headshot multiplier (eg: 3x becomes 5x) as well as increased zoom distance
  • Improved Guard - Blocks cost half stamina
  • Improved Pommel - Pushes costs half stamina
  • Off Balance - Increase debuff duration from 2 to 4 seconds
  • Perfect Balance - Reduces stamina regeneration start delay
  • Regrowth(Normal Attack), proc chance 3-10%: No changes
  • Regrowth(Normal Attack), proc chance 1-5%: Changed healing value from 5 to 10
  • Regrowth(Charged Attack), proc chance 3-10%: Changed healing value from 5 to 10
  • Regrowth(Charged Attack), proc chance 1-3%: Changed healing value from 5 to 10, in addition shield heavy attacks proc regrowth on all targets hit
  • Rupture - Penetration increased to two targets, up from one
  • Scavenger - Restore 10% of ammo based on amount available to the weapon. Ranged attack Scavenger attacks now properly apply on kills and not hits
  • Second Wind - 30.0 - 50.0% chance to instantly replenish all stamina if the player's block is broken as well as now reducing stun duration when block is broken
  • Skirmisher - In addition to 50.0% increased movement speed while aiming with this weapon, spread no longer increases while moving
  • Swift Slaying (Charged Attack) - Increase move speed for duration in addition to the original benefits
  • Swift Slaying (Normal Attack) - Increase move speed for duration in addition to the original benefits
  • Targeteer - Decrease of weapon spread up to 50% (from 40%)

Balance: Trinkets

  • Spine Rune Fetish - Reduce ALL damage taken when hooked by the Packmaster from 60 to 80%
  • Assassin's Skull - Increased damage reduction from 60% to 80% reduction from Gutter Runners
  • Badge of Warding - Increased damage reduction from 60% to 80% reduction from Ratling Gunners
  • Pouch of Relaxing Herbs - Increased damage reduction from 60% to 80% reduction from Poison Wind Globadier clouds
  • Silver Dove of Shallya - When using Medical Supplies to heal an ally, you heal 40/60/80% of your missing health. Up from 10/15/20%
  • Sturdy Emblem of Shallya - When using Medical Supplies, you will now automatically block incoming attacks in addition to being uninterruptible. Whew!
  • Master Engineer's Tools - When throwing a grenade there is now a 20/30/40% chance that it won't be consumed (up from 10/15/25%)
  • Gunnery School Guide, Expert - While equipped, the effective radius of all grenades you throw is increased by 60% still, but now additionally causes no friendly fire
  • Bale Taurus Head Ornament - While equipped, your health is increased by 25/50/75% while knocked down, up from 20/30/40%
  • Arcane Lustrian Flask - While equipped, your attacks have a 4/8/12% chance to apply a deadly poison, up from 2/4/6%
  • Seal of the Swift Strider - While equipped, your movement speed is increased from 2/4/6% to 4/8/12%, and now in addition allows for infinite dodges…!

Version 1.8.5


It's that time of the year again. Summer is in full swing on the Swedish side of the real world, and to celebrate we're injecting a little seasonal style in to our slice of the Warhammer world!

Welcome to Sonnstill!

From now until June 30th be sure to jump in to Ubersreik and lay claim to some new Seasonal Headgear, check out what Lohner has done to the Inn, and celebrate midsummer by having a beer or two with your friends! That's right, Pub Brawl returns with some audible updates! Get in to the Red Moon Inn, and settle some old scores - perhaps make some fresh beefs!

Known Issue

Kerillian isn't the most talkative of Brawler, we hope to correct this in the future!

This update is around 173MB.

Version 1.8.4


  • Fixed friendly fire for Nightmare & Cataclysm difficulties.
  • Fixed issue which caused client's weapons and pickups to be invisible.
  • Fixed issue that was causing Sienna's overheat sound to sometimes malfunction.

Version 1.8.3


Today we bring you patch 1.8.3, which includes various fixes, tweaks and adjustments based on both your feedback and our findings.

The list below covers everything you could expect to see in this patch...

...or does it? (Wiki note: Pub Brawl introduced)

Anyway, cheers to you all 🍻 and of course let us know your experience with this update!

Fixes and Tweaks

  • 🤖Bots:
    • Bots will now attempt to dodge Stormvermin attacks when there is space to do so.
    • Bots will counter attack more rapidly against Stormvermin and Chieftains (Krench). 🤼
    • Fixed case where bots could fall through the world after teleporting. 🕳🏃
    • Improved bot aid code to be more robust in uneven terrain.
    • Fixed bots not correctly disengaging under some circumstances when too far away from other players. 👨‍👩‍👧 <-------> 🙍
    • Reduced forced disengage range during hordes and big numbers of roamers to encourage bots to stick together better during these circumstances.
    • Fixed bots not always disengaging when trying to avoid Stormvermin patrols.
    • Improved bots ability to follow player on narrow catwalks and close to ledges. 🤸
    • Bots now give healing draughts to wounded and low hp players if they have them and the player is able to receive them. 📤🍷📥
    • Bots give players bombs or potions if they have them but the player doesn't.💣
    • Fixed some cases where bots get stuck on ladders when enemies are nearby. ⛄🐀
    • Made bot pathing to health, potion and grenade pickups more robust.
  • 📜Q&C
    • Added Stromdorf levels. ⛈️
    • Removed Ordnance Trial on Black Powder due to inconsistent drop rates.🚫💣
    • Removed Rat Ogre contract on Chain of Fire due to inconsistent spawns. 🚫🐀
    • Added 1 tome versions to the levels that were missing it. ➕📓
    • Fixed desync in Ordnance Trial contract progress that could occur. 💣🔗
  • Fixed so that client third person weapons are not shown when knocked down.
  • Fixed a crash related to Boons. 💥
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when joining a friend when already in a game. 💥
  • Fixed issues arising when equipping and re-equipping Lichebone Pendant with a grimoire equipped, or joining a game with the trinket equipped while a player already has a grimoire. 🍖📗☠️
  • Fixed client melee sounds not being heard by other clients. ➕🔊
  • Fixed so shield slam action deals damage now if you have stacked speed buffs. 🛡 Also fixed so we calculate the attack speed of a swing before the swing and use that speed throughout it, fixing the issue where you miss enemies at the end of an attack if your speed buff runs out. 🤺
  • Fixed input issues with giving potions.
  • Fixed so that Lohner cannot turn his head more than 90 degrees. ❌🦉
  • The Courier - Fixed issues with the Cemetery door - such as being able to throw barrels through door and invisible collision in the middle of the doorway. 🚪
  • Reaching Out - Fixed some wall jump exploits.
  • Fixed issue where spamming the Drakefire Pistols' charged blasts resulted in firing normal shots instead of intended charged blasts.
  • Fixed window for taking melee damage that clients had when pushing.
  • Fixed issue where reload input was ignored if you tried to vent immediately after firing a spark with the bolt staff. ⚡
  • Fixed Ratling Gunner kills not showing up in end game stats. 📊
  • Fixed the Rat Ogre's neck hitbox to not include spine! 🤜📦

Version 1.8.2


Patch 1.8.2 is live, fixing a bunch of issues you've reported to us!

Fixes and Tweaks

  • The Courier: Fixed issue where Skaven would enter rooms through a wall instead of the perfectly aligned windows one might have expected!
  • The Courier: Solved a case of Skaven spawning and were immediately stuck in place 🐀
  • The Courier: Fixed some terrain that behaved against expectations (you could walk through it) 👻
  • The Courier: Should no longer be possible to fall out of the level beneath the tower
  • The Courier: Improved performance during the opening areas 📈
  • The Courier: Fixed issues with a bunch of ladders
  • The Courier: Bots should be able to traverse the tower much easier than before 🗼
  • The Courier: Fixed ammo chest intersecting with the environment
  • The Courier: Fixed cases where Skaven were unable to reach the player
  • The Courier: Fixed cases where magical flags flew without fixings 🏴
  • The Courier: Saltz now correctly identifies the vehicle of escape as a boat, rather than a coach. Silly Saltz 🗣️
  • The Courier: Improved overall bot navigation 🤖
  • The Courier: Reduced sticky terrain
  • Reaching Out: Fixed potential exploit allowing fourth player to snipe the boss outside the Arena ️🎯
  • Reaching Out: Fixed cases where players could get smashed up into the beams during the Krench fight
  • Reaching Out: Solo players should have an easier time triggering Krench
  • Reaching Out: Fixed a location where players can get stuck
  • Reaching Out: Improved performance during the final areas 📈
  • Reaching Out: You should no longer be able to jump out of bounds just before the Marketplace area 🚫
  • Reaching Out: Kruber Bot should be able to fit properly through doorways now. Poor Kruber bot :(
  • Reaching Out: Improved overall bot navigation and sticky terrain (even for players) 🤖
  • Reaching Out: It's no longer possible to skip Krench. Why would you even want to skip Krench? You mad-men! 🤤
  • Reaching Out: Fixed case of Krench darting through the arena wall ️🎯
  • Reaching Out: The anticipatory music for Krench should no longer play once you've encountered Krench ️🎶
  • Reaching Out: Needless invisible walls removed
  • Fixed issue where bots sometimes would get stuck at the ends of ladders
  • Fixed crash that would occur if friend joined from a loading screen
  • Fixed various other rare crashes
  • Slowed down animation speed of volley crossbow reload so that the click sound matches when the crossbow is reloaded and ready to fire. Actual reload time unchanged 🏹
  • Fixed issue causing fireball staff to do less damage against packmasters and rat ogres on clients 🔥
  • The Backstab SFX has returned 🔊
  • Kruber's handy new sword now ignites barrels as intended 🗡🛢
  • Fixed sound for Executioner sword so that it is heard spatially by clients of a Kruber host. It's also a touch quieter now

Known Issue

We are aware of the issue regarding Sienna's staff and overcharge resulting in a particularly egregious cacophony. To avoid this, you should avoid swapping staves with the inventory chest while they have a lot of overcharge - we have a fix incoming for this soon. 🔇🔇🔇

Version 1.8.1


We are ready to go live with patch 1.8.1, which fixes some of the most egregious issues noted on the launch of Stromdorf, as well as other fixes and tweaks. Reboot Steam to pick up the latest updates:

  • Fix for a crash that could occur when joining a lobby through the SOH team overlay
  • Fixed Saltz' Microsoft Sam impersonation at the Market Place on the new 'Reaching Out' map
  • Tweaked connection timeout configuration to be more patient
  • Fixed localization issues with the Executioner's Sword
  • Fixed missing killing blow sound

The patch is around 24mb.

Version 1.8


The latest (and no doubt greatest) Vermintide Adventure has been released. We welcome you to the wet and windy town of Stromdorf!

New Features

  • Added 2 new missions!
    • The Courier - Somewhere among these beautiful green hills is the missing courier, and hopefully our heroes aren’t too late
    • Reaching Out - The heavens are constantly stormy over the town of Stromdorf, but that doesn’t stop our heroes from treading through the muddy streets to battle the Skaven up close
  • Added 1 new weapon!
    • Executioner’s Sword - Markus Kruber is eager to wield this massive two-handed sword that can behead multiple Skaven at once. This weapon can only drop on levels included in the Stromdorf DLC
  • Added 5 new Achievements!
    • The Parley
    • Thunderwater Ale
    • Krench
    • Heads Will Roll!
    • Heading for Decapitation

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed instance where game would soft lock if a new player joined just as the party was completing the map or getting defeated until the joining player disconnected
  • Garden of Morr: fixed floating tree 🌳
  • Fix for various crashes
  • Host migrated sessions will now maintain the privacy setting of the previous session 🔏
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour when trying to open the Bounty Board or Lorebook, while ready for matchmaking
  • Host migration occurring during end screen now correctly sends you to the inn rather than the map played
  • Fixed a soft lock when using the chat during character selection when joining a game
  • Fixed player doing an unintended dodge when moving and attacking while using a controller with left-handed layout 🎮🤸
  • Disabled changing hero while waiting for a hero change to prevent getting stuck in overhead inn camera 🎥
  • Fixed Bright Wizard staff HUD icons to display the correct staff currently equipped 🔥
  • Rat Ogre: Fixed some cases where the Rat Ogre would spin when playing with low FPS
  • Rat Ogre: Fixed so that the Rat Ogre won't try to shove dead enemies
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t get to choose a new hero if yours was taken if joining a game through steam overlay


  • Pack-Masters now affected by knock-back trait
  • 2-Handed Hammer:
    • Now one shots Clan Rats on Headshot in Cataclysm difficulty
    • Improved damage against boss units
    • Improved armour piercing damage across the board
  • War-pick:
    • Tweaked armoured and unarmoured damage for nicer progression curve (removed overkill vs unarmoured)
    • Increased armoured damage for green/blue to hit damage thresholds
  • Repeating Handgun:
    • Reduced recoil and made Spin charged attack uninterruptable
    • Increased Damage output for Repeating Handgun
    • Changed hold input for Spin charged attack to left mouse (instead of right mouse)
    • Slowdown for charged attack is now applied earlier
    • Slightly decreased the spread while moving with the repeating handgun
  • Single-target Attacks:
    • 1h axe heavy/2h axe light/1h hammer heavy - tweaked blue/green weapon damage to hit target thresholds
      • blue:
        • lower unarmoured dmg
        • lower armoured dmg
      • Green:
        • Lower armoured dmg

Version 1.7.2


We hope you're enjoying the new inn, music and handy trinket on offer during Mitterfruhl!

We heard your cries during the update yesterday and shared with you the pain as you opened your Lorebook to find some pages were missing!

With that frustration in mind, we're rolling out this hotfix to correct what happened there:

Fixes and Tweaks

Corrected incorrect presentation of Lorebook pages Thank you for your patience during this emotional time!

Version 1.7.1


We've just released patch 1.7.1 which addresses some of the issues you've reported (and others).


  • Fixed bug that caused damage taken stats to not hot-join-sync correctly 🔥🔗
  • Fixed issue where beam staff beam wouldn't do any damage if aimed at the head 🐀🔫
  • Fixed crash when player falls off map in certain places with no kill volumes while carrying pickups 🚯
  • Fix fix for certain situations where hero run speed periodically decreases 🏃🏽>🚶
  • Fix for very rare cases of heroes ‘bleeding out’ in green health💔💀

This patch is roughly 7MB

Version 1.7.1 (Hotfix)

We've just put out a hotfix which resolves a common crash:

  • Fixed a common crash when using Victor Saltzpyre's two-handed sword

Version 1.7


With Quests & Contracts being a part of your daily life in Ubsersreik, we felt it only fair to offer you more to do with more variation and certainly heaps more challenge!

Introducing the all new Reikshammer Contracts. Designed to test your mettle further than before and encourage team play and coordination - these contracts offer new, often scary avenues for loot acquisition. Not only that, this 1.7 patch offers a host of other fixes and tweaks for the game. Let's go in to the details below:

Feature Changes

  • Added new Contracts: (read our dev rundown on these contracts here)
    • Team Protection: Specials: Progress is rewarded by traversing through the map, taking as little damage as possible from special Skaven.
    • Team Protection: Death: Progress is rewarded by completing missions without any heroes being captured.
    • Take a Stand: Complete the required wave on the described difficulty to succeed in this contract.
    • Treasure Hunt: Gotta find ‘em all! Open all (in some cases ‘nearly all’!) of the chests during the mission to fulfil the criteria.
    • Ordnance Trial: Bombs away! Your group must kill the required number of raki using either flavor of bomb.
    • Damage Avoidance: Progress through the level taking as little damage as possible - you’re rewarded at checkpoints based on the total damage you’ve taken up to that checkpoint.
    • A Piece of Bloodied Paper: The message is largely incoherent and stained deeply in blood. One word can be made out through all the mess... "Festag"
  • Owners of a map DLC will see more consistent drop rates of the weapons specific to that DLC when playing those maps. Read more about it here.
  • Bounty Board will never have more than one key contract on a DLC map at a time
  • Bounty Board now unlocks at level 7 to give new players earlier access to contracts
  • Added contract tracking to the HUD whilst in the inn for quick reference
  • Added sound effect and flashing UI when contract progress is made
  • Added text to display amount of tokens received for completing a contract
  • Implemented support for Tobii Eye Tracking 👀
  • Added Boss Damage, Other Heroes Aided and Other Heroes Saved to End Game Score Screen


  • Fixed a stall that could occur when pressing certain hotkeys
  • Reduced memory usage of UI textures when playing a level
  • Fixed an issue where killing a special or elite enemy with a Damage over Time effect would not trigger a kill message
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to pick up supplies on wave 14 of The Fall
  • Enemies will no longer be tagged in red when a bot is wielding a Bolt Staff or Trueflight Bow
  • Fixed an issue where no sound would play on the last bullet of a Repeater Handgun
  • Tweaked size of Reward Screen texts and icons to better support languages other than English
  • Fixed an issue with Clan Rat ragdolls when laid on back
  • Fixed an issue with candles on Witch Hunter hats (we tried to tell him it wasn't safe!)
  • Fixed an issue where Skaven armies in The Enemy Below were very blurry
  • Fixed an exploit on Town Meeting
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of stamina a weapon has was occasionally being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where Grudge Raker reload sound would still play if you switched weapon mid animation
  • Fixed an issue where Rapiers would occasionally not play sound when attacking
  • Always ready option has been removed from the advanced matchmaking settings: “We normally do our utmost to avoid removing existing features, but this feature was the cause of several very severe issues that could result in both lost tokens and weapons due to its circumvention of failsafes in place to stop these losses. Since our data shows that the feature itself sees incredible little use we have thus decided to remove it altogether rather than invest precious development time which could be spent into fixing more critical bugs and/or making new content.”
  • Fixed a level stall issue related to damage volumes
  • Fixed an issue where players could grab supplies through a locked gate on The Fall
  • Fixed an issue where a sausage hanging over the counter in the Red Moon Inn behaved strangely after being shot... Yes, really.
  • Fixed a number of network sync issues in the Karak Azgaraz and Drachenfels levels where interactive objects could appear in the incorrect state if you joined a game in progress
  • Fixed crash: Failed to pack parameter 3 (11087) as integer [1..1024]
  • Fixed an issue where the difficulty would be incorrectly presented in loading screens when joining via lobby browser
  • Fixed an issue where host wasn't properly migrating if host left during end of round screens
  • Fixed an issue where trueflight arrows weren't spawning in the correct location on clients
  • Fixed an issue where the music from the barrel event on Horn of Magnus could continue playing indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck walking up/down over cellar stair opening on Engines of War
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when swapping tabs in the Forge Screen whilst salvaging
  • Fixed not being able to navigate to the third trait with gamepad when Invocating (rerolling proc chances), if the second trait had a fixed, or no, proc chance (for example Hawk Eye or Targeteer).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when blocking shots from a Ratling Gunner that had died
  • Fixed Rat Ogre sometimes checking the wrong player's blocking state before applying hit. (Rat Ogre hits player A, Rat Ogre checks if player B is blocking. If player B is not blocking, Rat Ogre knocks back player A. If player B is blocking, stamina loss is applied on player B and deals a blocked push on player A)
  • Fixed an issue where clients would sometimes deal more damage
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when climbing ladders with a controller
  • Fixed stall that could occur when spawning enemies
  • Optimizations to situations when many skaven are killed in a short amount of time

Fixes and Tweaks since BETA

  • Skaven Weapon: Fixed error in physics setup causing one of the skaven swords to spawn dynamic.
  • Rat Ogre: Fixed sound of an ogre corpse being struck persisting beyond the corpse despawning
  • White Rat: Fixed hanging skull prop that seemed to have the jitters
  • Fixed Grudge Raker and Blunderbuss push so that they no longer cancel weapon switch
  • Fixed bug that caused looping Rat Ogre slapping sound
  • Fixed so that the Rapier block shot deals the correct damage on rare and exotic quality weapons (white deals white damage, blue deals blue damage etc).
  • Fixed server crash caused should a client close whilst being shoved by a Stormvermin
  • Fixed a crash caused when trying to join a lobby that did not contain a difficulty setting
  • Fixed an uncommon crash caused when joining a friend through the friends list
  • Fixed crash that could occur with Tobii Eye Tracking
  • Reformulated some of the new Reikshammer Contract descriptions to avoid misunderstandings
  • Reduced the amount of bomb kills required for Ordnance Trial on Man the Ramparts, Smuggler's Run, Blackpowder, Wheat and Chaff and Waterfront to 20, from 30
  • Changed "Bomb Kills" contract objective string to "Team Bomb Kills" to avoid misunderstandings of how kills are counted for the Ordnance Trial contract.

Version 1.6.1


We have released a hotfix for the most critical issues observed since the release of patch 1.6.

  • Fixed missing localization when looking at the Lorebook inside the inn (was broken for all other languages except English)
  • Fix for cases where "Join" button could break
  • Fixed issue where lobby browser would display low amount of lobbies
  • Fixes for access violation crashes

Version 1.6


It’s time to dig into the rich lore of the Warhammer Fantasy world in this FREE DLC for Vermintide: the Lorebook.

Hidden and strewn around the various missions of Vermintide and its DLCs, you will find unique Lorebook pages. By picking up a page of the Lorebook, you will slowly unlock the story behind the various locations, enemies and even the Heroes of Ubersreik. Discover details you never knew or simply lose yourself in the rich world of Warhammer Fantasy.

The DLC and Patch come to a total of 12.5 GB. This marks the beginning of a new patch system - developed based on your feedback. Future patches will benefit from much, much smaller download sizes.

New Features

  • Added new “Lorebook” to Red Moon Inn and “Lorebook Pages” to all levels
  • Added secrets to Summoner's Peak

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the Rat Ogre would get killed if pushed into walls by explosions
  • Fixed ingame sounds not always being lowered or muted when in a menu
  • Fix for Town Meeting bronze achievement
  • Optimized Slave Rat Art
  • Optimized skaven corpse props
  • Corrected German localization for "Accept" and "Cancel" buttons in the launcher.
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed some texts being fitted too tight around images at certain resolution and window mode combinations
  • Fixed jumping-dodge exploit
  • Fixed some formatting and layout issues in various languages
  • Adjusted pinning distance on torso actors to reduce intersection problems.
  • Black Powder: Fixed exploit
  • Chain of Fire: Added VO for intro
  • Horn of Magnus: Fix for cases where player hot joins a game at the end event and spawns outside the area
  • Khazid Kro: Fixed bug causing machine sounds and shaking to continue after middle event
  • Khazid Kro: Players no longer able to get stuck on crates at a specific location (Storeroom)
  • Khazid Kro has had part of the ceiling repaired
  • Red Moon Inn: Made the outline for the shrine encompass the entire altar, and not only the book
  • Red Moon Inn: Removed a cup that kept falling into the lorebook!
  • Summoner’s Peak: Fixed floating rope prop
  • Supply & Demand: Fixed exploit



  • Reduced Ogre damage on a lot of weapons, most notable:
    • 1h Axe light attack
    • Falchion
    • 2h Hammer light attack
    • Glaive heavy attack
  • Increased Ogre damage on a lot of weapons, most notable:
    • 1h sword light attacks
    • Crossbows (Note: Regular Crossbow, Not Volley Crossbow)
    • Warpick charged level 2 attack
  • Fixed Skullcracker not properly triggering headshots when used with a projectile based weapon
  • Added buffer to all push chain actions to remove accidental double pushes

Sienna Fuegonasus

  • Fireball Staff
    • When not charged the fireball explosion has a radius of 0.75 meters and deals no damage to Stormvermin. It still applies a burn effect which damages Stormvermin.
    • When fully charged the fireball explosion has a radius of 3 meters and deals damage to Stormvermin as well as applying the burn effect.
    • The heat cost of the charged fireball has been reduced
  • Bolt Staff
    • We reduced the general damage output of the staff since in most cases it just resulted in large amounts of overkill damage.
    • The headshot multiplier was increased to compensate for the above to not reduce it’s effectiveness as a dedicated special killer weapon. When you lock onto something, it should die.
    • The amount of time needed to acquire full charge has been cut in half. So you should get fully charged bolts out in half the previous time.
    • We reduced the heat cost on level 2 and level 3 bolts.
  • Conflagration staff
  • Tweaked dot damage applications to be more consistent (The dot damage applications were bugged and very polarised where your dots either did a lot of damage or barely any damage, should now work more consistently)
  • The fire-patch now staggers unarmoured targets in the area of effect, meaning they will take more Damage over Time (DoT) applications and be stunned for longer.


  • Increased dual wield daggers blocking move speed from 85 to 90%
  • Reduced dual wield swords and sword/dagger blocking move-speed from 95% to 85%
  • Changed Sword and Dagger sweeping heavy attack from 3 to 2 targets

Victor Saltzpyre

  • Fixed a bug with the Rapier charged attack would not reach charge level 2 (piercing an extra rat and having added knockback) when charging the attack fully

Version 1.5

This patch is a big one.

In the last couple of months we've been extremely focused on solving bugs and acting on community feedback. The results are a patch larger than any we've ever released before.


  • Added some weight and variation to ragdoll behaviours
  • Added physics to a number of props in the Inn which were previously static
  • A new HUD has been added when playing with controller
  • Added options to switch between XboxOne and PlayStation(R)4 icon sets for controllers
  • Added option to switch between different controller layouts
  • Added Auto-aim support when playing with controller
  • Added mouse scroll inputs as keybindings
  • Added option to disable/enable "Give Items with Block Key"
  • Franz Lohner no longer whistles cheerfully. It is the End Times after all


This patch contains all the optimization that we did to get the game run on console hardware. It targets CPU-heavy systems where we have seen general improvements overall. It also addresses lag spikes and where lot of AI or physics are in play, lag spikes in specific situations such as VO and resource loading. It should also gives us shorter loading times.

  • Lots of code has been moved to less used CPU-cores, and runs more in parallel.
  • Added multi-level navigation pathing for enemies. So enemies should not get stuck no matter how far away from players they are.
  • Heavy optimization of all shaders.



  • 1h Weapons
    • Dodge distance increased
    • Dodge speed increased
    • Block move speed increased
    • Headshotting added on light attacks
  • Friendly Fire
    • Friendly fire is now rescaled and retweaked
    • Damage over time deals less friendly fire
    • AoE effects deal less friendly fire
  • Traits
    • Reduced Mastercrafted reload speed to 25% from 50%
  • Trueflight
    • Added collision avoidance, projectile will not turn unless it has a clear path towards target.
    • New target now picked further ahead along path instead of in a 360 radius.
    • Removed outlines unless player picked target.
    • Projectiles will now home in on enemy heads only if target is locked.
  • Tome/Medical Supplies
    • Reduced movement speed whilst blocking
    • Reduced block shields from current melee weapon to 0.5

Sienna Fuegonasus

  • Staff - Fireball
    • Reduced heat buildup on charge
    • Reduced heat buildup on charge attack
    • Increased damage on charge attack
    • Charged shots now pierce normal rats
  • Staff - Conflagration
    • Reduced heat buildup on charge
    • Reduced heat buildup on charge attack
    • Added friendly fire to charge attack
    • New ability: Creates a fire patch on the ground if full charge is achieved
  • Staff - Beam
    • Reduced heat buildup on charge
    • Reduced heat buildup on beam attack
    • Tweaked beam ramp-up damage
    • Increased beam-blast damage
    • Added friendly fire to blast attack
  • Staff - Bolt
    • Reduced heat buildup on charge
    • Normalized heat buildup on level 1, 2, 3 of bolt
    • Re-scaled targets hit by uncharged and fully charged bolt
    • Non-locked projectile hits body
    • Locked projectile headshots first target
    • Tweaked trueflight behaviour - See general changes
    • Decreased locked-on time while increasing charge time for extra damage
  • 1h swords
    • Increased damage of stab light attack
    • Increased number of targets hit by light attack(s)
    • Slightly increased attack speed
  • Wizard Maces
    • Increased attack speed
    • Increased damage of First and Second light attacks
    • Increased number of targets hit by third and fourth light attacks
    • Increased heavy attack damage

Bardin Goreksson

  • 1h Hammers
    • Light sweeping attacks can now hit infinite targets
    • Changed attack speed
    • Increased heavy attack damage
  • 2h Axes
    • Increased damage on light and heavy attack
    • Reduced slowdown while charging heavy attacks
    • Increased attack speed
    • Tweaked hitboxes
    • Increased attack range
    • Increased number of block shields from 2 to 2.5
  • Drake Pistols
    • Slightly increased attack speed
    • Added headshot multiplier
    • Added friendly fire to charged attack
  • Grudge-Raker
    • Now deals damage to armored enemies when close
    • Increased attack speed on secondary push
  • 2h Hammers
    • Reduced number of dodges before becoming fatigued from 2 to 1
  • Handguns
    • Tweaked damage
    • Staggers pack masters
    • Tweaked Active Reload window: This affects when you can press 'R' to reload faster.
  • Crossbows
    • Increased headshot damage multiplier
    • Increased damage
    • Tweaked Active Reload window: This affects when you can press 'R' to reload faster.
    • Increased ammo capacity

Markus Kruber

  • Blunderbusses
    • Increased damage
    • Now deals damage to armoured enemies when close
    • Increased attack speed on secondary push
  • 2h Hammers
    • Reduced number of dodges before becoming fatigued from 2 to 1
  • Handguns
    • Tweaked damage
    • Now Staggers Packmasters
    • Tweaked Active Reload window: This affects when you can press 'R' to reload faster.
  • 2h Swords
    • Light attack: Increased number of targets hit
    • Heavy attack: Reduced attack speed slightly
    • Increased attack range
  • 1h swords
    • Increased attack speed
    • Increased damage of third light attack in chain
    • Increased number of targets hit by light attack(s)
    • Slightly increased attack speed
  • Repeating Handgun
    • Increased damage to armoured targets
    • Improved accuracy
    • Added headshot multiplier
    • Tweaked bullet spray attack
    • Increased attack speed


  • Dual wield daggers
    • Overhaul: Light attacks are now fast-firing slashes that chain into each other
    • Heavy stab deals more damage
  • Dual wield sword and dagger
    • Tweaked push stab
  • Dual wield swords
    • Light attack: Increased number of targets hit
    • Heavy attack: Reduced number of targets hit - Increased damage vs armor
    • Increased number of block shields from 2 to 3
  • Longbows
    • Increased headshot damage multiplier
    • Light shot pierces armor
    • Increased ammo capacity
  • Trueflight Longbow
    • Non-charged shots now use trueflight behaviour but cannot lock on to targets
    • Reduced max ammo
    • Tweaked trueflight behaviour - See general changes
  • Swiftbows
    • Increased light shot damage
    • Aimed shot now pierces armour and deals headshot damage
    • Increased ammo
    • Removed headshotting multiplier on light attack
  • Hagbane Swiftbow
    • Reduced friendly fire damage
  • Glaive
    • Increased light attack speed
    • Reduced light attack damage
    • Added headshot multiplier

Victor Saltzpyre

  • 1h axes
    • Increased damage
    • Increased attack speed
    • Increased number of block shields from 2.5 to 3
  • Brace of Pistols
    • Increased damage to armoured targets
    • Improved accuracy
    • Added Headshot multiplier
    • Increased max ammo
  • 2h Swords
    • Light attack: Increased number of targets hit
    • Heavy attack: Reduced attack-speed slightly
    • Increased attack range
  • Crossbows
    • Increased headshot damage multiplier
    • Increased damage
    • Tweaked Active Reload window: This affects when you can press 'R' to reload faster.
    • Decreased reload speed
    • Increased ammo capacity
  • Repeating Pistol
    • Tweaked headshot multiplier
    • Increased spread on bullet spray attack
    • Increased quick shot damage

Fixes and Tweaks


  • It is no longer possible to pick up an item if you are already carrying an item of that type unless you have the Deep Pockets trait (chance to duplicate item on picking up). We made this change due to new players often finding this to be confusing
  • Added warning message when turning in contracts without having a quest equipped
  • Added a new Gamma slider image for increased clarity
  • Default Keybinding for Give Item is now E
  • Swapping to PS4 Controller Icons now properly changes the key binding image to a PS4 Controller
  • Fixed an issue where healthbars could get stuck on screen for level objectives
  • It is now possible to die from fall damage on all difficulties when at full health.
  • Fixed an issue where healthbars could display incorrect health
  • Revive tooltip now clamps to sides when players face another direction
  • Fixed an issue where Matchmaking UI could disappear for the Host
  • Fixed an issue with Hero Selection being blocked during matchmaking despite not being marked as Ready
  • Lobby Browser: Filtering on Joinable Games will now remove games which are either full, private or running a difficulty you have yet to unlock
  • Lobby browser will now only show missions that are unlocked in the mission filter
  • Added new Rescue Icon
  • Fixed an issue where matchmaking UI could be invisible for clients in the Inn
  • Added objective markers for where to place Explosive Barrels, Statues and Sacks
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would occasionally get stuck outside the screen area
  • Updated to new UI frame system to increase stability and performance
  • fix for survival level markers floating in the air for clients when an area opens with pickups
  • Changed wording on the lobby browser for missions and difficulty from Random to Any
  • Changed wording for DLC content that you don't own
  • Fixed Issue with Grimoire icon getting misaligned when spectating another player
  • No longer incorrectly shows key prompt for rescuing player from hook when being dead and having bled out from being hoisted by Packmaster
  • Fix for Weapon icon not being visible when switching to gamepad from keyboard and having a pickup equipped


  • Bots no longer rapidly switch between weapons whilst reviving
  • Bots are now more eager to help a player in need (revive, heal etc.) when in combat
  • Bots can no longer deal damage to explosive Barrels
  • Bots are now more eager to use their ranged weapons against Ratling Gunners
  • Bots are no longer repeatedly resetting rescue attempts of player hoisted by packmaster
  • Bots now Block-Revive. Woot!
  • Bots can no longer glide around after getting parry-broken
  • Bots should no longer fall out of the world


  • Star of the Sisterhood trinket no longer triggers a barrel when carried and an ally gets hit
  • Fixed an issue with the Skirmisher Trait on Beam Staff
  • Fixed spread on bolt-staff
  • Fixed an issue with the effect on Conflagration Staff
  • Default Headgear can no longer be salvaged
  • Fixed an issue with the feathers on Empire Soldier hats
  • Fix for bug preventing Charm of the Hedge Wizard Star of the Sisterhood trinkets to spread heals while both are equipped
  • Rehauled Mastercrafted to make it more viable for aimed shot


  • Fixed bug where player heard Rat Ogre roar but there were no Rat Ogre in the level
  • Fixed a bug that made enemies skate
  • Adjusted Hitboxes on the following enemies to more accurately represent the models (In some cases, additions have been made such as including the backpack on the Globadier which previously did not react to hits):
    • Clan Rat
    • Slave Rat
    • Loot Rat
    • Grey Seer
    • Gutter Runner
    • Packmaster
    • Stormvermin
    • Ratling Gunner
    • Globadier
    • Rat Ogre
  • Clan Rats no longer get stuck in a frozen state when dying in gas clouds
  • Gutter Runner: Removed double death voice
  • Gutter Runner: Removed offset to make the effect always appear at the gutter runners position when despawning
  • Gutter Runner: Reduced delay for gutter runner to despawn when ragdolling
  • Gutter Runner: No longer leaving invisible corpses
  • Gutter Runner: Fix for cape being seen at strange angle
  • Gutter Runner should no longer get stuck in various places
  • Gutter Runner shouldn’t now get stuck if aborting a mid air jump when having a high-ground opportunity
  • Gutter Runner shold no longer roll through gates on host machines
  • Loot Rat: Added a sound cue when getting close to one of the pesky little critters
  • Loot Rat: Improved behaviour
  • Packmaster: Fixed bug in idle animation
  • Packmaster: Fixed bug that caused it to appear like the Packmaster dragged player through the floor
  • Packmaster: Fixed bug that made the Packmaster's claw visible when player got hooked whilst recovering from previous hook attempt
  • Packmaster: Fixed an issue where Packmasters would slide on the ground after hanging players
  • Ratling Gunner: Fix for crash when one starts trying to shoot you. In the face
  • Rat Ogre will now use the correct animation scaling when climbing fences
  • Rat Ogre should no longer fall through the ground when attempting to abort a midair in jump
  • Rat Ogre should no longer phase through a wall when hit by a bomb
  • Fixed a bug where water buckets could end up floating in the air if Skaven Slaves were killed whilst carrying them... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Stormvermin Patrols should no longer get stuck whilst patrolling
  • Stormvermin Patrols are.. erm... scarier on Hard and above difficulty settings. Enjoy!
  • Stormvermin Patrols now have reduced aggro range towards bots


  • Added missing lines for healing draughts
  • Added missing Polish lines for *ragged breathing* when Bardin is low on health
  • Fixed a number of missing translations
  • Witcher hunter no longer says "There is the hag, get the horses ready!" when there is no cart nor horses around on Black Powder
  • Fixed a inconsistency of the Russian translation of "Stormvermin" throughout the game
  • Fixed various VO that couldn't be heard


  • Red Moon Inn: Moved the Bounty Board away from the stairs
  • Black Powder: Fixied exploit with bridges and AI
  • Castle Drachenfels: Fixed an issue with the sky
  • Castle Drachenfels: Fixed a respawn issue at the Chalice Event
  • Castle Drachenfels: Fixed a missing roof at the escape event
  • The Enemy Below: Fix for geometry holes
  • The Enemy Below: Fix to prevent players being knocked out of level boundaries
  • The Enemy Below: Umbra issue fixes
  • The Enemy Below: fix for AI pathing issues where bots could not reach tomes
  • The Enemy Below: Fixed a location where you could get stuck
  • Engines of War: Fixed a location where an invisible blocker would stop you from grabbing certain pickups
  • Engines of War: Fixed an audio related crash
  • Engines of War: Fixed a location where Rat Ogres could get stuck
  • Engines of War: Updated cellar door with functionality denying anyone from closing them while there is a character in the stairs to avoid the glitch with characters being both inside and outside
  • Engines of War: Fixed a location where players got stuck
  • Engines of War: Fixed some collision issues with forest rocks
  • The Fall: Fix to prevent Skaven spawning in the loot rooms
  • Garden of Morr: Fix for players getting stuck on the end event spiral staircase
  • Garden of Morr: Geometry fixes to avoid players getting stuck in staircase
  • Garden of Morr: Umbra issue fixes
  • Garden of Morr: Collision fixes to avoid floating Skavens
  • Garden of Morr: Fixed bug causing players to get stuck in the beginning
  • The Horn of Magnus: Fix for bots getting stuck in the tavern before the climb to the roof tops
  • The Horn of Magnus: Umbra issue fixes
  • The Horn of Magnus: AI-path fixes for bots
  • The Horn of Magnus: Fix for player spawns into unloaded part of level when hot-joining
  • The Horn of Magnus: Fixed some minor art issues
  • The Horn of Magnus: Fixed a location where Rat Ogres could get stuck in idle state
  • The Horn of Magnus: Added collision to the bar counter
  • Man the Ramparts: Overhaul of spawners and nav mesh
  • Smuggler's Run: Fixed a location where bots could fall through the world
  • Smuggler's Run: Fixed minor art issues
  • Smuggler's Run: Added ledges where there should be ledges
  • Smuggler's Run: Fixed an issue where you could see through the level
  • Summoner's Peak: Fix for Skavens getting stuck by portal or in mid-air
  • Summoner's Peak: Fixed bug preventing bots to rescue player from dying at a specific location
  • Summoner's Peak: Fix for cases where players found it difficult to climb a plank after the first generator
  • Supply and Demand: fix for AI pathing issues where bots could not reach tomes
  • Supply and Demand: Spawner and navmesh overhaul to avoid boss spawns under mesh
  • Waterfront: Fixed a location where you could get stuck in a warehouse
  • Waterfront: Fix for Rat ogre not able to hit player when standing on a torch
  • Well Watch: Fix for unreachable ammo box
  • Well Watch: Fixed health bar on well that wasn't visible for player hot-joining the map.
  • The White Rat: Fix to remove seeing quick glimpse of the players after the end cut-scene
  • The White Rat: Fixed an issue where a light beam looked pixelated
  • The White Rat: Removed an invisible blocker
  • The White Rat: Fixes for how the end event is triggered
  • The Wizard's Tower: Fixed some issues with the Loot Rat
  • The Wizard's Tower: Minor geometry fixes
  • The Wizard's Tower: Fixed minor hole in the roof


  • Stagger rewrite. Staggers are now done the same way on host and client (used to always use mover on client)
    • Skaven whom have been shoved are now shoved the same way and distance for host and client
    • Skaven shoved in to a wall should no longer be able to walk through the wall after getting back up
    • Skaven shoved off a ledge or from height should now fall properly for clients as well as host
  • Changed the amount of players required to kick players down to 2 from 3
  • Now allowing player vote-kicks in private games
  • Fixed issue with players level not being assigned in the tab-menu
  • Fixed so grenades uses the same "give" functionality as potions/healing draughts use
  • Fixed it so now player doesn't keep crouch movement when hanging on ledge while crouching
  • Fixed skavens frozen in death animation
  • Bug fix for Critter Rat sliding when digging
  • Player will no longer become pizza if hitting the ground from fall while having lagspike
  • Fixed a bright flash that appeared when opening or closing menu while bleed indicator is visible on screen
  • Fixed bug causing VoIP to crash
  • Fixed so that overcharge buffs are removed when the weapon is destroyed
  • Fixed settings menu so that players no longer need to click "Apply Changes" if no new values were set
  • Fixed a graphical issue that caused the representation of contracts to be reset upon revive
  • Fixed graphical issue with Bright Wizard's hats occurring after equipping a specific hat
  • Fix to avoid OP glaive/true-flight overkill values
  • Fixed a shadow issue
  • Fixed so grenade ammo is removed when it is thrown instead of it being delayed until the end of the action
  • Fixed an issue affecting shadows
  • Fixed reload exploits
  • Witch Hunter: Removed the misleading fencing sword and brace of pistols clip counters, we now only show remaining ammo
  • Fix to prevent walk animation to play while interacting with objects
  • Fixed issue with clients not being able to connect to host via matchmaking on PC. - Cleaned up how we are handling post game notifications to connecting clients
  • Fixed an issue with mouse scroll going in the wrong direction when switching weapon
  • Fixed an error with contract progress
  • Fix for Volley Crossbow bolt swaying around when spectating
  • Fix for Red seal on Quests in blocking the "completed" text
  • Fixed a bug where player being stabbed by Gutter Runner could be pushed away from the Gutter Runner by a Stormvermin.
  • Fix for enemies spawning in players face (we fixed the cases where it was possible, but there is still some instances where it can happen due to our inability to restrict player movement after spawn trigger)
  • Fixed an art issue with chests
  • Made a number of staircases easier to walk up. "Stairs going up, beautiful!"
  • Fixed an issue where loot dice would spawn incorrectly when opening chests
  • Fixed an issue where certain weapons could fall through the ground
  • Tweaked distance fading on blood decals to reduce flickering
  • Fixed an issue with network syncing of AoE weapons
  • Fixed a number of issues with ragdolls
  • Fixed strange spine twist angle in ragdolls
  • Fixed an issue where Heroes would babble at the same time during Hero Selection
  • Fixed an issue where some users would experience huge delays interacting with the Bounty Board
  • Fixed a rare issue where some players experienced issues if they started a game after interacting with the Bounty Board
  • Fixed Double Tap Dodge
  • Fixed missplaced Label on Healing Draught


  • Fixed a crash related to traits which grant Stamina
  • Fixed crash with overcharge weapons when switching game states
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when opening the Bounty Board
  • Fixed a crash in the camera system
  • Fixed a crash related to enemy navigation
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when player trying to respond to an invite while someone else is joining the first player
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when one client kicked another client
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when interacting with a player whom disconnected.
  • Fixed a crash for host caused by client picking up speed potion
  • Fixed occasional crash when equipping Bright Wizard’s Candlelight Guard mask
  • Fixed possible crash when client changed hero and pressed F2 in the same time as the host started the level
  • Fixed crash bug caused by Charged Fireball
  • Fixed crash bug that occurred when joining friend through the Steam overlay
  • Fixed crash issue that caused players that are trying to join a game and the gets a popup during loading that resulted in returning to inn
  • Fixed crash when a player is trying to join a level and gets denied
  • Fixed crash that occurred for clients if host left the game when in "next level voting screen" or left the Inn
  • Fixed crash occurring when hot-joining a game
  • Fixed crash occurring when grabbed by Packmaster
  • Fixed crash occurring in loading screen when joining lobby
  • Fixed crash when skipping intro video
  • Fix for possible crash when handing in boon rewards
  • Fixed crash in dice game
  • Fixed level completion crash
  • Fix for crash when a Gutter Runner flew past the player

Beta Changelog

These changes were specifically done based on community feedback during the beta for this patch. We'd like to thank all those who participated and gave us feedback!

  • Fixed bug that caused Stormvermin to shrink when it ragdolled
  • Fixed bug that made it possible for enemies to get pinned on breakable objects
  • Fixed an issue where trinkets would be incorrectly rotated on Sienna Fuegonasus
  • Fixed bug that caused handgun to sometimes fire after using consumable
  • Added an all new Dwarf corpse to Chain of Fire. Find it.. if you dare
  • Fixed bug that caused enemies to slide
  • Fixed rare crash occurring where no place could be found to spawn a horde
  • Fixed rare crash when gutter runner failed to pounce target from a high ledge
  • Fixed crash that could occur when encountering Ratling Gunner while having low FPS
  • Fixed crash that could occur when Loot Rat played a specific animation
  • Tweaked Devastating Blow's severity based on weapon size
  • Tweaked True Flight to 'feel better'. Give it a go. Let us know what you think!
  • Chain of Fire: Fixed spawning bugs
  • Chain of Fire: Added extra space in the trading post area
  • Chain of Fire: Fixed bug that caused subtitle error on the end event
  • Chain of Fire: Improved pressure plate functionality on end event
  • Chain of Fire: Improved the volume system for triggering plate
  • Man the Ramparts: Fixed a bug that caused noticeable portions of the environment to disappear
  • Smuggler's Run: Fixed bug that prevented sound from playing
  • Fixed crouch bug for Victor
  • Lohner has restocked the Red Moon Inn with delicious ammo
  • Fix for incorrect difficulty display on loading screen when joining
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed issue with players being able to control their character during cut-scenes after closing the chat.
  • Fixed the Packmaster from being silent at times.
  • Gutter Runner no longer able to pounce players/bots who have respawned in bound state
  • Fixed issue with controller settings only getting applied directly if you change the setting with the gamepad controller on PC.
  • Fix block interrupt when opening chest
  • Fixed heavy attacks dealing the wrong damage
  • Fixed the beards of dwarf corpses :-{|}
  • Fixed overlapping texts in chat when using font sizes bigger than 24
  • Fix for VOIP not working in some circumstances

Version 1.4.3


Patch 1.4.3 reverts the spooky Red Moon Inn as well as quite a heavy duty fix for family sharing accounts.

New Features

  • Made the Red Moon Inn less spooky.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash due to invalid camera position.
  • Fixed crash when causing friendly fire with fireball staff.
  • Fixed several issues related to free weekend accounts and players using the Steam family share function.

Version 1.4.2


Patch 1.4.2 has arrived, bringing with it spooky updates to the beloved Red Moon Inn, as well as two Seasonal Trinkets only available throughout the next two weeks. The trinkets will be activated later today.

New Features

  • Spooky seasonal Red Moon Inn theme.
  • Two new Seasonal Trinkets.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed crash when units are removed mid interaction.
  • Fixed multiple issues with hero selection.
  • Fixed issue with switching characters while other players are joining.
  • Minor localization fixes.
  • Misc.
  • Client preparations for upcoming DLC.

Whilst the patch is quite large, this includes a slew of preparations for an upcoming unannounced DLC.

Version 1.4.1

Patch 1.4.1 Fixes and New Locales

New Features

Added support for Polish, Italian and Portuguese-Brazil.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a hole in The Enemy Below
  • Fixed crash caused by switching hero
  • Fixed crash caused by changing hotkeys outside of the Inn
  • Fixed crash caused by differing “use baked enemy meshes” settings between host & client
  • Fixed other misc. crashes

Version 1.4

Quests & Contracts is the new FREE DLC for Vermintide, which introduces a new way for you to acquire epic loot. All you have to do is complete the objectives and collect your reward!

The board unlocks once all missions have been completed on at least easy.

New Features

  • Added Bounty Board to the Red Moon Inn: Visit the board to collect Quests and Contracts!
    • Contracts: Gain rewards for completing specific objectives. Key Contracts also reward you with Quest progress
    • Quests: Gain epic rewards for completing a certain number of Key Contracts
    • Boons: Timed buffs which empower your heroes in various ways

Feature Changes

  • Made the UI Indicator for Grimoires much clearer
  • Gutter Runners now lose targeting outline if they teleport away
  • Added Lobby Browser button in Map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where dropped items from Loot Rats could end up in unreachable locations
  • Fixed gritty looking stone textures on Black powder
  • Fixed an issue where the end event on The Dungeons could occasionally take much longer than intended
  • Fixed an issue where the screen effect from drinking potions could be overly blurry
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when a bot was grabbed by a Packmaster
  • Fixed a number of ledge issues on Summoner’s Peak
  • Fixed a shading issue with the staircases on Castle Drachenfels
  • Fixed several culling issues on Castle Drachenfels
  • Fixed an issue with the end event on The Enemy Below
  • Fixed a number of issues with sound cues for when hordes of enemies spawn
  • Fixed an issue on Horn of Magnus where Rat Ogres could get stuck on a rooftop
  • Fixed an issue where you could end up in the wrong location when hot-joining a session on Horn of Magnus
  • Fixed a misaligned roof prop on Horn of Magnus
  • Fixed an issue where certain items would spawn in the air on Black Powder
  • Fixed a number of culling issues on Wizard’s Tower
  • Fixed an issue where on Town Meeting where you could be dragged by a Packmaster to a location where you would get stuck
  • Fixed an art issue with Volley Crossbow
  • Lots of other minor fixes from closed and open beta

Version 1.3.3

Bug Fixes

  • Crashfix - backend error messages
  • Fixed an issue where players could not unlock the final map sigil in survival mode


  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Major improvements to the lobby browser

Further information on the matchmaking and lobby changes

  • Sorted levels by progression order rather than alphabetical order in lobby browser
  • Split up lobbies/difficulties/levels by game mode
  • Fixed bug where lobby browser would report lobbies not matching filter
  • Fixed bug where lobby browser would stop reporting lobbies all together
  • Improved overall latency of searches
  • Disabled auto-refreshing of lobbies unless no lobbies are found
  • Added search in progress indicator
  • Added message if search has completed but no lobbies were found matching current filter
  • Sorted difficulties by order of difficulty rather than alphabetical order in lobby browser
  • Fixed bug where lobbies of another difficulty not matching filter could block user from finding lobbies while matchmaking

Version 1.3.2


We have released Patch 1.3.2, fixing some bugs and crashes and adding a new secret to one of the maps, details of which can be seen below:

New Features

  • Added a Secret Location to The Dungeons: Alexander’s Grave

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an instance of invisible enemies
  • Fixed several level exploits
  • Fixed an exploit related to parrying
  • Fixed a bug where you could duplicate certain pickups
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pounced by a Gutter Runner
  • Added a missing string to a loading screen tip
  • Fixed traits triggering on the wrong attacks for the Glaive
  • Fixed an input issue with jumping
  • Fixed an issue where Ratling Gunners would start sliding if shot with Hagbane
  • Fixed a number of culling issues on the Drachenfels levels
  • Fixed a lighting error on Castle Drachenfels
  • Fixed a number of tiling issues on Castle Drachenfels
  • Fixed a network sync issue with levers on Castle Drachenfels
  • Fixed an issue where the portals on Summoner’s Peak wouldn’t block projectiles
  • Fixed an issue with shadows on the portals on Summoner’s Peak
  • Fixed a number of terrain issues on Summoner’s Peak
  • Fixed a lighting issue on Summoner’s Peak
  • Fixed an issue with bots not jumping correctly on Summoner’s Peak
  • Fixed a number of terrain issues on The Dungeons
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs on The Dungeons
  • Fixed collision and lod steps on a table prop
  • Fixed a number of sounds on Horn of Magnus
  • Fixed an issue where it could rain inside
  • Fixed an issue with Dwarves and ladders
  • Fixed an issue where level seed could differ between host and clients
  • Fixed an issue where the next level would always be the same when playing a Drachenfels DLC level
  • Fixed a crash related to critters
  • Fixed crash “No extension found belonging to system "weapon_system" for unit "Unit (deleted)"
  • Fixed crash “rpc_sync_interaction_state”
  • Fixed crash “Could not find any killing blow that killed unit userdata”
  • Fixed crash “attempt to index local 'player' (a nil value)”
  • Fixed several misc crashes
  • Players who were unable to obtain veteran variants of the repeater crossbow and glaive due to previously having collected all other veteran weapons prior to the launch of Drachenfels can now roll for those weapons.

Behind the Scenes

We have rolled out a whole new back end service with this update. This should be entirely unapparent to you.

Version 1.3.1


We have released a new set of hotfixes, details of which can be seen below:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when hotjoining after a trap is triggered
  • Fixed an issue with the Glaive not dealing right amount of damage on Cataclysm
  • Fixed a crash related to the matchmaking UI
  • Fix for "next level" suggestion always being the same level as the previously completed one (when playing Drachenfels DLC levels)

Thanks for your patience!

Version 1.3


We've just deployed a patch in preparation for the release of our latest DLC: Castle Drachenfels

Patch 1.3 marks the launch of our largest DLC to date, featuring an expansion to the map with three brand new Adventure Mode levels to explore, two new weapons to master, some neat new QoL changes that have come from community feedback and a ton of bug fixes.

New Features

  • Introducing the Drachenfels DLC!
  • New Level: Castle Drachenfels
  • New Level: Summoner’s Peak
  • New Level: Dungeons
  • New Weapon: Glaive (Wood Elf Waywatcher)
  • New Weapon: Volley Crossbow (Witch Hunter)
  • New Pickup: Torch. Obtainable on Dungeons to traverse dark areas
  • New Level Feature: Spike Traps
  • New Level Feature: The Darkness
  • 3 New Achievements

Feature Changes

  • The Map has been expanded: Prepare to travel outside of Ubersreik!
  • Added a new Fire particle effect for Bombs
  • Redesigned Lobby Browser
  • AFK-detection no longer triggers during End of Level screen
  • Chat can now be scrolled using PgUp & PgDn keys
  • Chat text size can now be changed
  • Chat can now be disabled: Notifications such as Player Joined, Left etc will still be shown
  • The F1 key can now be rebound
  • Enabled Pixel Snapping when running on 1920x1080 or above: This should make certain UI elements sharper
  • Ammo Amount is now shown for ranged weapons in the Inventory
  • Added an option for Overcharge Opacity
  • Added an option for swapping Gamepad icons between Xbox or Playstation look
  • Updated automatic hardware detection in launcher
  • Improved the push distance of Devastating Blow

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash: bad argument #2 to ‘distance_squared’
  • Fixed crash: rpc_sync_interaction_state
  • Fixed a crash related to Gutter Runners losing their target
  • Fixed a crash in the damage system
  • Fixed a crash in the lobby browser
  • Fixed a locomotion crash
  • Fixed a spawn manager crash
  • Fixed a crash related to health bars
  • Fixed a death zone crash
  • Fixed an exploit on The Fall
  • Fixed an error with German localization in Shrine of Solace
  • Fixed a bug where the Fireball Staff effect could be seen floating beside the staff
  • Fixed a bug where footstep sounds weren’t always playing correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Rat Ogre pathing
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could spawn further away than intended
  • Fixed an issue with enemies hitting through floors and walls
  • Fixed a bug where Stormvermin Patrols could get stuck
  • Reworked end of level flow to solve issue with game not ending
  • Fixed an achievement bug
  • Fixed a resolution issue when UI not correctly scaled
  • Fixed a bug where players could respawn with an incorrect amount of health
  • Fixed a bug where sorting of Damage Taken in End of Level screen was inverted
  • Fixed a bug where UI hints could get stuck on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where rebinding Chat to left mouse button would make it impossible to use menus
  • Fixed an area in The Enemy Below where you could end up outside the level
  • Fixed a bug where changing the Weapon Switch Scroll Type to Off in gameplay settings and reopening the menu would show an incorrect string as the option
  • Fixed an issue where the Bright Wizard Overcharge meters were slightly uneven
  • Fixed a respawn point on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed a bug where the Defeat screen could show up whilst starting a level
  • Fixed a localization bug in the Forge
  • Removed a hole in the ground where you could get stuck on Engines of War
  • Fixed a location where Rat Ogres could get stuck on Engines of War
  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn in an unreachable location on Engines of War
  • Fixed a graphical artifact when holding any key during the intro cinematic
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering and exiting inventory quickly
  • Fixed a bug where Stormvermin would attempt to swing through walls
  • Fixed a bug where the matchmaking UI could get stuck if you readied up quickly after closing a menu
  • Fixed a bug where the Innkeeper’s head could magically disappear
  • Fixed an odd hole on Town Meeting
  • Fixed an exploit on Town Meeting
  • Fixed another exploit on Town Meeting
  • Fixed a lighting issue on Town Meeting
  • Fixed a location which bots couldn’t reach on Town Meeting
  • Fixed an issue where you could see through part of the world on Supply and Demand
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could spawn under the floor on Supply and Demand
  • Fixed a bug where the ground was misplaced in a location on Supply and Demand
  • Fixed an exploit on Supply and Demand
  • Fixed an issue where a table could magically disappear on Supply and Demand
  • Fixed an exploit on Horn of Magnus
  • Fixed a culling issue on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed an odd hole on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed a location where you could get stuck on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to pass through a specific area on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could spawn in the starting zone on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed a bug where certain objects would magically disappear on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed a stretched texture bug on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in the maze on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed an issue where you could fall through the world on Garden of Morr
  • Fixed a culling issue on Smuggler’s Run
  • Fixed some rocks that were defying gravity, also a skull
  • Fixed some minor glitches with Empire Soldier and Waywatcher models
  • Fixed a bug where the backend would occasionally return an invalid ticket error
  • Fixed a bug with the chaining of certain heavy attacks
  • Fixed a bug where Ratling gunners would fire into walls whilst tracking their target despite not having line of sight
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when opening a chest
  • Fixed a bug where Trueflight arrows had trouble hitting their target
  • Fixed a crash with the Trueflight bow

Version 1.2.4b


We've just released a hotfix to solve the crash with the hagbane bows. We're terribly sorry about this issue.

Version 1.2.4

Heroes! Patch 1.2.4 is now live. This update includes fixes for the most commonly occurring crashes and a fix to an achievement that wasn't working properly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Tenacious Achievement (This fix will apply retroactively, meaning any progress you have made towards the achievement is saved)
  • Fixed a crash related to Trueflight
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Last Stand
  • Fixed a crash related to hotjoining
  • Fixed a UI crash

Version 1.2.4


Another patch is upon us, once again focusing on fixing various bugs and balance. We slipped in a little feature surprise as well for you that has been highly requested. Enjoy!

Feature Changes

  • Added option to open a player’s Steam Profile in the TAB menu:

Balance Changes

  • Fixed some Last Stand balancing issues in The Fall level
  • Tweaked overall difficulty on waves beyond Heroic for Last Stand

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Trueflight could endlessly circle around enemies
  • Fixed several level issues on Engines of War
  • Fixed an exploit on Horn of Magnus
  • Fixed a bug where Invocate could cost an incorrect amount of Tokens to use
  • Fixed a bug where changes made in Shrine & Forge could be lost if the game was closed shortly after using them
  • Fixed a crash in Last Stand
  • Fixed a bug where Packmasters could grab players through walls
  • Fixed a crash when falling below the ground in Town Meeting
  • Fixed a bug where it would occasionally be impossible to beat a level
  • Fixed a bug where the health of enemies could be incorrect when joining a - game in progress (this could lead to invisible enemies)
  • Fixed a bug where players could spawn very far back upon being killed in Garden of Morr

So what's next? As mentioned in the past, the entire team is hard at work with the continued support of Vermintide.

Our console team is working on tweaking and optimizing the game for consoles, and our content & feature teams are creating new levels, enemies, weapons and more exciting content. We also have a team dedicated entirely to optimization and bug fixing and will continue to push out updates like this which continue to make Vermintide even better.

We're super excited to share more details on the larger updates we're working on for Vermintide soon, until then - we'll see you in Ubersreik

Version 1.2.3

Heroes! We've just released a small patch which fixes another issue present in our previous release.

Thank you for reporting this to us and helping push Vermintide forward for all of our players.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players would randomly take damage (for real this time)

Version 1.2.1

Heroes! We've just deployed a patch to fix a number of issues that have come up since the release of 1.2.

Thank you for reporting these issues to us and helping make Vermintide even better.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit on Town Meeting
  • Fixed a bug that was showing green numbers when carrying Tomes and Grimoires
  • Fixed a bug where players would randomly take damage
  • Fixed a bug where a Skaven horde could spawn underneath the world on Supply & Demand

Version 1.2


Our biggest update yet is here, featuring a brand new game mode, new levels, achievements, Inn Decorations & more!

See for full information

If you missed our livestream you can catch a replay here: OR

We hope you enjoy this new update for Vermintide! See you in the End Times

Version 1.1.6


Patch 1.1.6 has just been released, which fixes a number of audio issues, including the Music Slider.


  • Added sounds to the Shrine of Solace

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Music Slider
  • Fixed tons of minor Audio issues
  • Fixed a bug where shield attacks would pass through enemies when player had used a speed potion

We recently tracked down an issue with our patching system which wasn't properly including audio changes. If you are still experiencing audio issues after this patch, please try reinstalling the game. If that doesn't help, please report the issues to us in the bug reporting sub forum or via our Helpdesk.

And if you missed our livestream on Patch 1.1.5, you can catch the video on Youtube here:

Version 1.1.5


We're proud to announce Patch 1.1.5 has now been deployed. This major update includes the ability to re-roll traits, a number of quality of life changes and a fix-up for the Globadier.

Trait Changes

  • Added ability to swap traits of a weapon at the Shrine of Solace:

The new Offer option lets you spend tokens to swap the traits of a weapon. After spending tokens you will be presented with a set of new traits. You may then choose to select your current traits or the new ones. The costs for Offer are 8 Common / 6 Rare / 5 Exotic based on the rarity of the weapon.

  • Added ability to re-roll value of a trait:

The new Invocate option lets you spend tokens to improve the value of an unlocked trait. The costs for Invocate are 10 Common / 8 Rare / 6 Exotic based on the rarity of the weapon.

  • Equalized trait unlocks:

Traits could previously only unlock in 0.5% increments. Meaning a trait that had a minimum value of 1% and maximum of 3% could only ever roll 1%, 1.5%, 2%, 2.5% or 3%. This made traits with high percentage differences such as 20-40% very tedious to re-roll - and not very cost efficient. Now every trait has the same amount of steps between minimum and maximum values. Doing this lets us ensure consistency in the re-roll system and keep a low cost on re-rolling. Any traits that are already unlocked will keep their current value.

Feature Changes

  • Head bobbing can now be disabled (try this if you're experiencing motion sickness)
  • Camera shakes can now be disabled
  • Game Public/Private state can now be altered during a game in progress
  • Added upward attacking and downward attacking animations for Skaven to better reflect attack ranges
  • Players will now be kicked for idling too long in public games: a notification will be displayed after 2 minutes, failure to react will kick the player


  • Added option to render low frequent transparency, such as smoke, gas clouds and dust, in a lower resolution. This significantly reduces the pixel overdraw and gives a great performance gain in transparency heavy scenes - This setting is enabled by default in all presets
  • Slightly sped up lighting calculation
  • Optimized damage, health & buff systems

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where SSAO was disabled when turning off skin shading
  • Fixed a clipping issue with Dwarf 2h weapons
  • Fixed a bug where level up rewards weren’t being properly granted
  • Fixed a crash when voting for a new level
  • Fixed a bug where innkeepers head would disappear towards the edges of the screen
  • Fixed a bug with innkeeper twisting his head too far when looking at player at the end of the bar.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur if unequipping a weapon while exploding from overheat
  • Fixed similar timing issues that could cause push when releasing rmb and trying to swing with great swords and fencing swords.
  • Improved weapon switch queuing out of parries with fencing sword
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if rat ogre failed to path to players
  • Fixed several bugs that were causing rat ogres to sometimes get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause skaven to get stuck after climbing
  • Improved Ratling gunner AI handling a situation where it can’t find a line of sight to players for a long time
  • Minor bug fixes to Garden of Morr, Horn Of Magnus, Man The Ramparts, The White Rat, The Enemy Below, Smuggler’s Run & Engines of War.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur whilst killing multiple Special enemies in a short amount of time
  • Fixed the description for Dwarf Ranger’s “Boar” headpiece
  • Fixed a number of localization errors

Globadier Changes:

  • Fixed bug that was causing the globadier to observe his globe hit when not intended.
  • Improved trajectory calculations for globadier throws.
  • Improved AI handling a situation where globadier can’t find a throw trajectory to players for a long time.
  • Improved lurking AI to make the globadier less erratic when walking around between throws.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the globadier AI to get stuck not able to find a path to the players.
  • Reduced impact damage from 30 to 10 on Cataclysm
  • Increased damage over time from 10 to 15 on Cataclysm


We are aware of the current audio issues and are working to solve them as soon as possible. We've tracked it down to an error in our patching system which isn't properly including audio files. We hope to have more information on this soon.

Version 1.1.3


We've just deployed a new patch to fix a number of issues related to Audio and Input. In true holiday spirit, we've also decided to grant two Exclusive Hats to all members of the official Vermintide Steam Group!

Feature Changes

  • Members of the Official Vermintide Steam Group now receive two exclusive hats.

Changes to Input

  • Gave weapon switching priority in input queuing to avoid attacks from blocking or cancelling queued weapon switches
  • Fixed an issue causing weapon switches not to queue properly after crossbow hip shots
  • Fixed an issue causing weapon switches not to queue properly while spamming attacks with fencing sword
  • Adjusted 2h sword wield timing to chain more fluidly and consistently after attacks
  • Fixed an issue that was causing weapon switching to not queue properly after pushing

We are working through every weapon type to ensure consistent behaviour and continue to fix issues with input such as unintended actions or not being able to swap weapon.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit with the Blunderbuss
  • Fixed Brace of Pistols missing sounds
  • Fixed a crash when equipping a specific mace
  • Fixed a bug where the inn music would suddenly restart

Version 1.1.2


Ubersreik is ever grim. The Red Moon Inn is low on supplies, a patrol of Stormvermin can be heard down the street and off in the distance the sound of a great horn echoes. Dark times indeed.. But rejoice! A small hotfix patch has just been released ːchugː

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where intro wasn't playing properly
  • Fixed a crash in the lobby browser

We are currently working to solve a number of sound issues that occured in 1.1.1 as well expanding on the Shrine of Solace by introducing re-rolling of traits. We hope to have these updates for you in a few days.

Version 1.1.1


We've just deployed a small hotfix patch to solve a few issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where achievements were being unlocked when not intended
  • Fixed a bug where Rare 1h swords for the Empire Soldier had the wrong model
  • Fixed an issue with gamma correction image in options view not being rendered
  • Fixed an issue with the background texture in the Map view



We've just deployed a small Hotfix Patch.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with levelling up

We expect to be deploying a larger patch next week which will include several optimization fixes and bug fixes.



We've just deployed a small hotfix patch to solve a common crash.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash which occurred when unloading a resource

Version 1.0.2


We're happy to announce we have just released Patch 1.0.2, aimed at fixing bugs, exploits, AI and improving performance.

Feature Changes

  • Added Regiment Name Tags (based on Steam groups).
  • Matchmaking now times out if host idles for too long.
  • Tweaked enemy spawning on Wheat & Chaff.
  • Tweaked chat text colours.
  • Disabled tagging of dead enemies.
  • Added a setting to disable aim assist while using a controller.
  • Added player info during spectator cam.
  • Players can now press on their equipped item (next to the character preview) in the Inventory, to select the equipped item in the item list.
  • Improved grenade FX for added clarity
  • Improved Victory/Defeat screens
  • Hawk Eye trait can now be toggled on/off using Weapon Special key

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an audio related crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the music slider wasn’t properly disabling music
  • Fixed several level exploits.
  • Fixed navmesh issues on many levels.
  • Fixed minor collision and z-fighting issues on most levels.
  • Fixed an issue causing bots to get stuck at drops.
  • Fixed an issue causing Ratling Gunners to track players through walls causing bots to infinite take cover and not progress.
  • Fixed a bug where players could jump out of moving elevators.
  • Fixed a crash when packmaster grabbed a player who was healing.
  • Fixed a crash related to the dialogue system.
  • Fixed a crash related to the hud system.
  • Fixed a bug where shield would flip during attack combo with hammer & shield.
  • Fixed a bug with hammer & axe animation.
  • Fixed a bug where the loading icon could get stuck during gameplay.
  • Fixed a case of enemies “moonwalking”.
  • Player outlines now properly apply to hats/weapons/attachments.
  • Fixed several localization errors.
  • Fixed several spelling & grammar mistakes.
  • Fixed a collision error with certain rocks in Engines of War.
  • Fixed certain trinket textures.
  • Fixed a bug where certain effects would be permanently visible for clients who join during a game.
  • Fixed a rotational issue with beam staff.
  • Fixed callouts of visible enemies using player movement director rather than view direction for line of sight checks.
  • Fixed Stormvermin sometimes being labeled as “Commander” in kill log.
  • Fixed missing sound for beam staff beam explosions.
  • Fixed VOIP so that it doesn’t transmit during loading screens if you have Push to Talk enabled but isn’t pushing to talk.
  • Reworked level end logic for wagons to avoid several cases where the level would not end when users had entered closed and opened and exited the wagons.
  • Floating will now be correctly positioned when using "HUD screen fit" option.
  • Fixed issue with displaying wrong score data when hovering over score topics
  • Fixed issue with chat being drawn under the "dead space filler UI" in end of level UI.
  • Updated news ticker ingame to refresh the message after a delay.
  • Fix for cursor and input when getting popups during join popup... or the other way around.
  • Possible fix for cursor still stuck on screen after handling with popups.
  • Fixed a bug where Trueflight Arrows could circle Rat Ogres after hitting

Bot AI Fixes

  • Solved a number of cases that could result in bots chasing after seemingly undetected special skaven.
  • Solved a number of cases where bots would get stuck and not defend themselves
  • Disabled behaviour where bots choose to close to melee distance with packmasters and gutter runners until they’ve grabbed a player.
  • Fixed an issue where bots would not find any cover points if pinned up against a wall by a ratling gunner.
  • Bots are now a lot more cautious about friendly fire at higher difficulties.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing bots to sometimes not engage special skaven disabling an ally.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing bots to sometimes not rescue a disabled or knocked down player.
  • Bots with lower health now get higher priority to healing items than other bots if close enough.
  • Made bots prioritize attacking special skaven attacking the group before trying to revive (not rat ogres).
  • Bots will disengage if possible if the players pass a one way drop to avoid getting left behind and pinned down by special skaven.
  • Bots try to spread out among different covers as much as possible when under fire from ratling guns to avoid all getting pinned down when possible.
  • Fixed situation where bots would hesitate whether to heal with medkits or not.
  • Improved bot pathfinding over drops.

Performance Changes

  • Reduced core spin time after completed job. This should make sure cores sleep more often and reduce overall CPU load.
  • Added option to set max amount of CPU cores in launcher. This is a fallback for users that experience issues with CPU overheating/overload. Do not change this value unless you are experiencing overheating/overload issues!
  • Optimized movement collision detection for staggering enemies.
  • Optimized movement collision detection for spawning skaven.
  • Parallelized AI path finding.
  • Optimized enemy movement on server.
  • UI optimizations.
  • Achievement optimizations.
  • Matchmaking optimizations.
  • Lua table function optimizations.
  • Horde audio code optimizations.
  • Level volume optimizations.
  • Optimized world updates.
  • Entity extension optimizations.
  • Optimized explosion hit checks.
  • Optimized Globadier gas effect.
  • Optimized Witch Hunter pistol effect.
  • Optimized Drake Pistol effect.
  • Balance Changes
  • Improved Hagbane radius
  • Improved Hagbane damage
  • Reduced damage of Rare & Exotic Fireball Staff
  • Removed penetration for Fireball Staff

As always, if you experience any issues. Please contact our Helpdesk:



A new patch has been deployed, this time aimed primarily at fixing common exploits.


  • Fixed a number of exploits
  • Fixed several cases of bots getting stuck
  • Tweaked enemy spawning on "Black Powder"
  • Tweaked barrel spawning on "Black Powder"



We've just deployed a patch aimed at fixing some of the common issues.


  • Added Music Volume slider
  • No longer possible to pick up potions unless dropping any held Grimoires first
  • Fix for bots not using healing draughts in combat
  • Fixed achievement "Balthasar Gelt"
  • Various localization bugfixes
  • Fixed issue causing level complete to not trigger
  • Fixed various startup crashes
  • Fixed a crash in particle system
  • Fixed a crash in animation constraint system
  • Fixed a crash in I/O system
  • Fixed a crash in Audio System
  • Potential fix for startup crashes

Version 1.0.1


We've just deployed a small patch to solve some common issues.


  • Voip is now enabled by default
  • Made bots more passive when Stormvermin Patrol is near
  • Tweaked bot healing behaviour
  • Fixed a crash related to audio
  • Fixed a crash related to AI being alerted
  • Fixed Gamepad not being able to change gamma setting
  • Fixed an issue where cursor would remain ingame
  • Fixed an issue where input could become delayed when looking diagonally
  • Fixed an issue where player could be moved during menu
  • Added newsticker ingame for important alerts
  • Fixed an issue where right thumb stick couldn't be used for input on gamepad
  • Fixed an issue with attack sweeps occasionally not hitting
  • Optimized FX of Drakefire Pistols
  • Fixed an issue with Gutter Runner pouncing
  • Improved clarity of keybindings
  • Fixed a dialogue error when seeing enemies
  • Fixed a number of potential crashes on startup
  • Fixed an error where Lobby Browser was displaying an incorrect number of lobbies

Patch Size: 13mb~

Version 0.9.9c

Update We are very happy to finally be able to put the game live again. It's been a hectic night & day at Fatshark but your continued support throughout has really helped. A big warm thank you from all of us.

To make up for the outage, we’ve decided to add a completely new level to the preorder beta. Grab your favourite Hero and go to the Wizard’s Tower!

Unfortunately, in order to secure the servers we’ve had to roll back the backend to an earlier backup before the outage. Any progression after 12:00 (noon) UTC yesterday (Tuesday) will sadly be lost.

Finally, we are a small independent team and any feedback you can provide is super valuable to us. All the hours you’ve put into the game in the last few days have helped tremendously, so please continue playing and reporting issues like there’s no tomorrow. Because The End is Nigh…

Beta 0.9.9c


  • Added new level: The Wizard's Tower
  • Fixed a number of startup errors
  • Fixed an exploit with speed boost potions
  • Fixed so that binding a key that's already bound unbinds the previous
  • Added localization options to the launcher (Russian is currently broken in certain menus)
  • Fixed a revive glitch with Rat Ogres
  • Several fixes to the Bot AI
  • Several localization fixes
  • Added a warning that connection has been lost to the backend server during a game rather than waiting until end of round
  • Optimization fixes for particles and physics

Version 0.9.9b


We've just deployed a new patch to solve some of the most common issues in the game!

Beta 0.9.9b


  • Fixed several exploits on Horn of Magnus
  • Fixed a secret not properly occurring
  • Fixed a crash which could occur if a Loot Rat was alerted by an explosive barrel
  • Fixed a common animation crash
  • Fixed several startup issues
  • Fixed a bug where Rat Ogre would not stop hitting a downed Hero
  • Fixed a bug where pressing X on a controller would do nothing
  • Fixed a crash when inspecting healing supplies

Known Issues

  • Game may crash when host leaves

This limited version consists of 3 out of the full 13 levels, but full progression allowing you to start leveling up and finding loot.

If you have any problems, please attempt to verify the integrity of your game cache.

If that does not solve your issue, make a ticket at: